Comfortable Silence.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

"You never just sit together in silence, doing your own thing?"
"Uhm, no. She's not that type..."
"Oh okay."

"Wait, he's with you, but he's working?"
"Yeah, why? Is that weird?"
"Well if I was him......"

Now guess which one is me and which one is the other person in those conversations.

We don't talk much, we never do. I'm not saying that it is a good or bad thing, but that's what works for us, probably one of the reasons why we work out so far. Bottom line is, it's our relationship and it IS like this.
We're both so focused on what we want in life, and working our ways to get there-- one of those things being getting married, which needs a lot of resources-- that everything else become secondary, including talking to each other 24/7, well, 5 minutes of phone call a day is enough.

Communication is key. Yes, but each couple has their own way to communicate. "But you barely communicate at all!" you say, again, that's what works for us, at least for now.

Once I was kind of seeing a guy I first thought fitted me like that missing puzzle piece, but then he kept talking nonstop and I felt like I had to be witty and responsive to him, I was under pressure it was horrible! I'm mostly a quiet person, except when I'm with my best friends.

Our current days are filled with him coming to my house after office hours, either to sit with his laptop to do whatever he needs to do, or sleep until midnight, because work exhausts him, while I usually sit with my laptop to catch up with what's going on in the world, do my assignment, or look for inspiration to prepare me for school the next day. We barely talk, even when we're together, and I'm happy with that. We enjoy each other's company, and just sit in silence, together. It's always comfortable silence. We never even fight a day in our relationship (so proud). How can I not be happy with that?

Him opening his present in 2012
I remember us not chatting so much for like, 3 weeks, and then on a Saturday we go to Starbucks at midnight and then I rambled for about 3 hours talking about life choices, children, faith, religion, gay rights, everything. And he was always there, patiently listening to me until I run out of things to say. It just seems that I wait for the right time to really talk about something, because talking about my day, sharing about what I do, nah-uh, not into that.

I know our relationship is like this because it's us, him and I. If I was with someone else, things would be a lot different. Everything's different for everyone. No relationship is perfect, there are things I'd change if I had the power to, but I'm thankful, and this is my decision, he is my decision.

Since this is a terrible writing, here's an old song you should listen to again because it's awesome.

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