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Thursday, 26 June 2014

I tried filming myself talking about this topic, and I failed miserably. Yep, don't think I belong in front of the camera. I'm not giving up though!

I'm writing this post because the society thinks that girls like me--headscarf-wearing girls--are perfect. We're not, we're far from it.

Girls who wear headscarf are treated as if they are more responsible when they're making the same mistake as those made by girls who don't.

A question I ask myself on a regular basis is that, why is it okay for Muslim girls who don't wear headscarf to drink alcohol while when one with a headscarf does, the whole world is judging her?
(I have nothing against anyone who drinks, or anyone who does anything, everyone's entitled to live their lives their own way, that's why I want to change people's minds about how I live mine)

I'm speaking for myself and not anyone else, you're always free to disagree with me.

My headscarf is one part of me, there are a thousand other parts of me, more interesting parts, that are bigger than my headscarf. My headscarf represent my belief in a way, but not entirely. And I wear my headscarf for myself. I know God loves me even if I don't.

One's relationship with God is their relationship with God, it's something that's personal, we connect to God in different ways, same thing goes with how girls dress, how girls act, how girls behave. We are ALL different. No one is better than anyone, so is it okay for you to publicly humiliate a girl who's comfortable wearing turban & showing her neck by telling her offensively on her social media page to cover herself up because that's how she should dress? She's a human being, she has her own preferences, she's conscious of her decisions, she knows how she wants the world to see her, she's comfortable being herself, why can't you just accept that? Maybe she doesn't believe that by showing her neck, she'll burn in hell, maybe she thinks God is more sensible than that, who knows, let her be, no one has the right to tell anyone what they should and shouldn't believe.

The more I grow up, the more I question things. I don't just believe everything I'm taught in the islamic school where I grew up. I'm very curious, and very critical, I challenge my mind on the daily, and I support/believe things people tell me I shouldn't (for example, I wholeheartedly support the LGBTQ community and their rights). People change. 3 years ago me would never agree with 2014 me. I don't know if I'm going to keep dressing like this for eternity, but this is what I'm comfortable with now. I feel secure, I love the feeling I get from covering myself. I don't know if this is going to change, if not then great, if it changes then it's okay too. You should start being okay with it too. I repeat, people change. Get over it.

I also disagree with how people think girls like me should be a certain personality just because of what we wear.
I love dogs. I've been in love & I've had my heart broken multiple times. Most of my best friends are boys.  I let my boyfriend hold my hand & kiss my forehead. I dance in my room in my underwear. I listen to various kinds of music. I get angry. (I'm not going to list a thousand things don't worry)

In line for Disneysea tickets, 2013

If you don't like me, it will be because of my personality / my actions, you're not going to associate it with my headscarf and make it seems worse. Same thing goes if you like me too.

I don't know if I got my point across, I'm not in any way a writer. Feel free to ask me questions. I love questions x

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