Best Friend #1 - Mohamad Irfan Rustandi

Thursday, 24 July 2014

After talking about myself in all of my previous posts (how vain) now let's talk about someone else.
This time I'm talking about Irfan.

I met Irfan in high school. During the first and second year, we knew each other but never really talked much. He was always this goofy and funny person that everyone loved, unlike me, who chose all the wrong kinds of friends on my first year and left with none on the second. My first two years in high school were hell. I was miserable. I had under 5 people I could really call "friends" back then. Thinking back, I understand why I had no friends. I wasn't fun, engaging, and friendly. Part of it was because I was in a relationship with a terrible person which resulted in an awful break up, and also because I was surrounded with bad people in general, so when I decided to leave that toxic environment, everyone thought I was toxic too. I don't blame them, I was.

Dog Shelter in Cisalak, 2013. His first time having a dog on his lap. RIP Eva.
The final year of high school came and I was put in a class where there was no people from my previous class that I talked to. Sure, I knew some of them from our traditional dance group but they were all "grouped up" and were so close that I didn't think they would take an additional player to hang out with. I didn't even have someone to sit with, and I spent everyday thinking "Which book should I bring to school today" so I didn't have to sit alone in silence until it was time to go home. At this point, Irfan was on a vacation and was absent for a month.

Things started to change after around three weeks when my classmate, Prika, and his chairmate, Juan, started talking to me. They knew I was lonely and I had no friends. The group got bigger, adding Eki, Bernard, Anggiat, Menno, Daniel, Randy, and a few others, also Irfan. I was so lucky. They were genuine and so kind to me, I feel like I was always protected and loved. It was new to me, to be in a group of high school friends who were all so genuinely kind. I was the only girl in the group, so they were always kind of "protective".

NYE 2012

After getting to know Irfan more, I realized that behind all his jokes and laughter he was actually vulnerable and he had a lot of heart. He's an introvert so it makes me happy how he trusts me. I feel like not a lot of people know who he really is and how great he is. Plus, he plays drums! :P We share things to each other we don't share with other people. He's always there for me. At times when I was bored and lonely at home he would pick me up, we'd go somewhere and he'd drive me home. I remember one time when I just started driving my own car, our friends and us hung out at a place that was relatively far from my house. It was late at night and he offered to follow me from behind when I drive home to make sure I get home safe. That's how much a gentleman he was/is. It's weird to me how he's still single after all these years..... (lol) Knowing how nice he is and how he'd never hurt a girl. Maybe because he's shy and inexperienced. Haha! Irfan and other guys in the group are also very intelligent which makes me very proud to call them friends. We would spend time talking about companies, future-related stuff, and other 'boring' things a lot of other boys my age wouldn't even think about. He was one of the people who 'saved' me and made me change. I became a better person the moment we started being friends.

June 2014, Holycow Senopati

Now, 4 years later both of us had graduated University. He spent a year and a half overseas to study and manage to graduate on time despite all of the temptations, and we're still best friends until now. We're now in the same position where we're both so scared, excited, and confused of what's to come and figuring out what to do. I'm thankful I have him to share this confusing time with. I'm sure both of us will get anything that we want as long as we're brave enough to take it. I love and care about him with all my heart. I really hope time won't change that.

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