Tuesday, 29 July 2014


These three things are what a lot of people want, including me. Some are lucky enough to experience all three, some are unfortunate they experience none.

Through the years, I've learned that the amount of time you spend being physically together with someone is not equal to the connection, intimacy, and romance you have between you two. Isn't it confusing, to have someone sleep next to you at night and when you wake up in the morning, somehow you still feel empty? Like how can you kiss a person and feel zero connection, but when you hold hands with another person suddenly everything makes perfect sense? The heart can be pretty fussy with what it wants, you don't understand sometimes.

I believe that every relationship is different. You can be 'this person' in this relationship but in the next, you can be totally different. That's why we want to be with the person who brings out the best in us, who makes us better. What's unique about a relationship is the result of a combination made out of two people, and then they'll decide if the good of that combination is worth fighting for or if they think that they can make better combination with another person.

No relationship and nobody is perfect. We have to set priorities of what we truly want in a relationship, if it's security, or stability, or romance, or intimacy, or you want to be with a person whom you share a lot of things in common with. When you get it, you can appreciate that part of your relationship better, be more grateful, and just storm through the bad days.

Guys, what if your relationship lacks intimacy and connection, when everything else (you can say) falls at the right place? Is it curable? Or is the relationship hopeless?
Are intimacy and connection something you can grow? Can you fake them for the rest of your lives knowing you truly need them? Can you have an amazing love story when your combination with that person doesn't involve romance in it? What do you think? Is it better to give up hoping that you'll eventually meet someone who can give that to you, but risking getting everything else you also need? Do you think it's that important? Can you be with someone you don't miss when she's/he's away?

I need to learn how to write a post that makes sense.
Okay love you bye.

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