What I Want & Branching Out Content

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Someone said to me that "Half of getting what we want is knowing what we want, and you've figured out what you want, so you're already halfway there."

Although academically I was generally never awful, there's always been this part of me that likes to be seen by people. I like to be the center of attention. I've been playing piano since I was 4, and I used to perform at concerts. One time people gave me standing ovation and I loved that. I loved the feeling. (I still remember what I wore that day, I was 9). I also used to dance, a lot. I did ballet until I was 7, I did traditional dance throughout primary and high school. I also used to speak in front of people in university, this time not only that I loved it, but people also thought that I was the one capable of doing it (to everyone who did, thank you for believing in me!).

Other than that, I also love holding a camera. Back in high school, I asked my mom to buy me a recording camera as my birthday present, I would bring it to school almost every single day, and then I would upload unedited videos I recorded in class to my Facebook. A few years after my Dad passes away,
I realized that it is important to document my life. I have a disc filled with footage of me growing up that my Dad made for me, and it's amazing how he passed away 14 years ago but I can still listen to his voice whenever I want. So I decided I want to document my life, at least the more interesting parts of it, like maybe my travels (I love traveling but I don't get enough opportunity to go and explore the world as I'd like, maybe you can make my dreams come true? :p) or my friends, etc.

By combining the two paragraphs above, the results are this blog right here, and my YouTube channel (my latest video is the second part of my Tokyo trip, go watch it if you haven't!), two of my babies that are my current favorites. I love creating/doing something and putting it out there, so people can see it. I love seeing my video gets one more view, meaning someone out there is interested enough to see what I created, same thing goes with my blog posts. Technology is a very unique medium for me to express myself, and I intend to utilize it to the fullest. I'm thinking of ways for me to do this forever, and I have some options.

Speaking of my blog, what do you think if I branch out content?
People have been reading my blog and all the posts have been my very personal opinion on things, my deep thoughts, my feelings, etc. But I'm thinking of putting other things, like posts about travel, lifestyle, and maybe beauty (in case you didn't know, I love make up). Maybe people will still read them, maybe not, it doesn't hurt to try, right? I'll schedule posts so each week I have several new posts up, but we'll see! :) Why do I want to change my blog content? In a way, I want this to represent what I want, which is I don't want to be just one thing. I have interest in a lot of things that are very diverse in nature, all of them make me who I am, and I want to put it all out there.

It's weird that people actually read this thing, thinking that I'm crappy at writing!



  1. hi daaan! I love how strong your character is and how you put your thoughts into words, yeah i like your writing hihi goodluck for your life dear :) xx

    1. Beta aku baru bacaaa! :') Makasih banyak ya sayang! Aamiin makasih bangett <3


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