What I Want For My Birthday

Monday, 4 August 2014

I want:

1. To know where I belong.

It is scary to think that at 21 I will still be just one person who breathes oxygen just like everybody else. I always wanted to be different. I see people everyday who are alive but not living, they work like robots without passion in their eyes. I never wanted that. I'm really confused as to what I should do and where I should start. I feel like I'm failing at life.

2. To create something.

This blog and my youtube channel have been two things that keep my brain working. I love creating things. I love having something out there under my name. I want to create something bigger, something that's more engaging. I want more people to be interested in my content, there's just one problem.... refer to number one for the problem.

I'll be creating a lot more videos & write more things hopefully.

I keep coming up with these brilliant ideas that I know people will love, I just don't have the people I can work with. My boyfriend gave me suggestions on what I should start doing. Maybe you'll see something from me soon, we'll see. Please wish me luck!

3. Coldplay.

I just want. to watch. Coldplay. live.
Or I don't know, to watch their live show dvd on a huge screen with fellow Coldplayers would be fun too (for now)

4. To travel more.

One of the things I want to do is I want to document my travel. A lot of local people write about their travels, I want to film them. I've been thinking of doing solo travels. Problem is, our country is scary. I'm okay with traveling abroad alone, but I'm lacking $$$

5. To meet new people.

This is what I'm struggling with. It's difficult as a Jakartan to meet new people, especially if you're nobody.

6. To spend more time with the people who truly and genuinely love me.

7. A big fat dinner at The Cafe, Hotel Mulia. I don't know I CRAVE THEM FOOD.

8. To stop having body issues.

9. To be mentally stronger.

10. To stop being so anxious and insecure.

11. To stop seeing myself so negatively and try to love myself more. (if you love yourself and you don't get people like me, well trust me I want to love me too)

12. Products from Charlotte Tilbury's make up line.

13. A surprise party.

14. A National Geographic backpack.

15. To obtain more skills in filming and editing stuffs.

16. To photograph better.

17. To be more confident in front of the camera.


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