Cat Cafe in Seoul

Friday, 26 September 2014

When I was in Seoul, I took time to visit a cat cafe that's in Myeongdong, we saw the sign and quickly went there. However, I had to go alone because Nara's scared of cats, so when I was inside she strolled around Myeongdong shopping.

My experience in the cafe was a lot different than the one I had in Singapore. Maybe because the cafe was a lot bigger and the cats had much bigger space to run around, they tend to be more friendly, because if they don't want to be around us they can just climb where we cannot reach them. These cats behave more like the stray cats around my house, the cats I've known since I was a lot younger, while the ones in Singapore behaved differently, (maybe because they received too much attention every single day and they didn't have room to escape) a lot of them seemed to not want to be there with visitors at all.

A lot of the cats here enjoy being around visitors, especially since the cafe sells cat treats so visitors can experience feeding the cats with their own hands, and the cats automatically come to you. This idea could turn out bad, but whilst I was there, nothing bad happened. Another difference is that it's apparent that this cafe is more like 'business', most of the cats were purebred cats (they even have a Sphynx and Scottish Fold), instead of promoting animal welfare & adoption like our friends in Singapore do.

That day was the first time I interacted with a Scottish Fold, I nearly cried. Scottish Fold has always been my second favorite cat breed, mostly because of their ears. The first one is Egyptian Mau, third one is Norwegian Forest (I read about cat breeds a lot when I was younger, don't mind me).

It was such a lovely experience. The cafe was so hygienic, no funny smell anywhere. The interior was unique and cute (props to those who designed it!), comfortable for the cats and visitors. I truly recommend you to visit this cafe when you're in Myeongdong. They charged me 8,000 won for unlimited time in the cafe + a free drink (much cheaper than Singapore).

Much love,


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