Acai Bowl at Boto Acai | Seoul

Friday, 31 October 2014 Seoul, South Korea

I must say, eating acai bowl at Boto Acai was one of my favourite things we did in Seoul. I still dream of it today! It's the tastiest thing ever I swear.
Boto Acai is located in Garosu-gil (enter the street beside H&M), in the corner of Cafe du Paris. It's very small, and relatively new. My friend told me about this place and we made it a mission to eat there. We reached Garosu-gil at 10AM, stores didn't open until around 11 and Boto Acai opened at noon. We strolled around the area and reached Boto Acai at 11.50, people were already there. Once it opened, people didn't stop coming. The place is very busy so I suggest getting here early. There were 7 workers in that tiny place.

They only had one menu, which is the acai bowl, with three sizes. I think you customize the fillings of the acai bowl but I'm not sure. The one pictured above is the smallest one. It costs us KRW5,000, it's so worth it! They have the freshest ingredients and you get everything. Organic acai puree on top of granola, and then they topped that with another layer of granola, banana, blueberry, melon, mango, goji berries, chia seed, cacao nibs, coconut shred, and I think that's not all!

If you have questions please feel free to contact me, I love making friends. X

Much love!

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