Deoksugung Palace & Cheonggyecheon River | Seoul

Friday, 17 October 2014

First of all, I'm truly sorry for abandoning you guys for almost a month! REALLY, REALLY BAD! APOLOGIES! After my Korea trip, I went on a short trip to KL and then Perth. I've been uninspired, unmotivated and stressed out a lot recently so I feel like now is the right time to continue blogging again since I'm feeling a little better.

This is still from our first day in Seoul (yeah we walked A LOT!) and I know this is long overdue but we all love a travel post, am I right? Am I right? Am I right? :) After I went to the cat cafe we headed back to the hotel to finally check in, shower and change outfits. We stayed at Hotel Skypark Central Myeongdong which we loved so much, I 100% recommend! And then we went on more adventure and unintentionally visited the Deoksugung Palace. The trip wasn't really a cultural trip so we didn't plan on visiting any palace, but we passed the area as we're heading to the river, which I'll be talking about really soon. Nevertheless, I didn't regret paying KRW 10,000 to get in. We went there near sunset so the lighting was really nice and the place was surrounded by trees, we definitely don't have a place like this back home. Although yes it's just one building and there's really not so much to see, I still love the experience.

After that we went to Cheonggyecheon river, a famous river in Seoul and was happy to see a lot of people were there! (Both tourists and locals) This was my kind of vibe. Just people chilling with their feet in the water, chatting and having cups of coffee. I stupidly didn't take a decent picture but I have footage which I need to upload soon. It was pleasant because we've been walking so much all day and the water was cold, so it was refreshing. If you're in Seoul, spend an afternoon around the river!

Much love,

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