3 Concept Eyes (3CE) Purple Obsession - Includes Swatches

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

For the last few months, I have been reaching for and buying products that have a purple tint to it. I used to wear only neutrals, and every once in a while dark red lip. I do not have a huge collection of purple products, because my preference always changes but these few have been my favourite, and everyone who's feeling experimental should try them!

(I did not realise until I've written about 2 products that this will be a one brand post! Well, here it is!)

3 Concept Eyes Luster Eye Shadow in Madonna
I have been wearing this eye shadow a few times and I can't tell you enough how much I love it. The website describes it as "subdued deep purple with gold pearl", but I would not say that it is 'subdued', you can definitely pack it on your eyelids and make it super dark (I did that on Halloween), but if you want to tone it down you can, by using a light hand or a duo fibre brush. It is very pigmented and beautiful. The texture is very creamy, not patchy at all, easy to blend, and it does not leave a ton of mess under your eyes. I'd say, texture-wise, it's better than my Naked palettes. Just putting it out there guys. I will definitely pick up other colours. There are a lot of interesting ones I'd like to try. I'm obsessed with the brand now!

3 Concept Eyes Lip Lacquer in Desert Flower
I told you I'm obsessed. When I saw this on the counter I was like 'Yep, I'm getting it' although this is definitely not the most wearable of the bunch. I love love love LOVE the colour. It's a liquid lipstick, every brand makes that now. It is super vampy plum with a hint of red in it. I have never tried anything even close to this shade before. When you apply it directly from the doe foot applicator, it will go on va-va-voom dark, super pigmented AND it applies very evenly. Unfortunately, not all the shades has the same texture. I have another one in the shade Dahlia and it does not apply as beautiful, clings to dry patches on my lips which makes it look uneven. It definitely washes you out, so you need blusher if you're not going for a vampy look. It's not for everyone I know! But if you're interested in trying this one out (come on, you know you are!) you can make it more wearable by applying it on the center of your lips and then blending it outwards with your fingers. The swatches on their model is beautiful (check out their website!) and there you can see that you can really sheer it out. It lasts 4-5 hours on me. One thing, though, you definitely need to prep your lips first because it's drying...

3 Concept Eyes Water Gloss in Vivatic
This one is in the previous post of my blog. You can see me wearing it there, sadly the camera did no pick up the purple in it! I have been wearing this so much since I got them which was in September. It's the most wearable out of everything I've mentioned and it's a 'nude purple pink', as the website says. It's the perfect description. It's my first lilac toned pink lip product to own and I'm buying more products similar to this one (duh!). I never thought this kind of colour would look good on me! I think it suits a lot of different skin tones too. It's moisturizing, watery (hence the name) has the perfect amount of sheen, not too much, but shiny enough that the camera picks it up. It leaves a stain which I love and makes it a long lasting product plus it wears off beautifully. One of my 2014 favourites!


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