Eyeliner Diary: Lancôme Artliner 24H in Sapphire

Friday, 28 November 2014

I stayed away from eyeliners for almost as long as I've loved make up. I have heavily hooded eyelids that make wearing eyeliner useless, because you can't see them! However, in recent months I have been buying coloured eyeliners because they looked fun and I always thought maybe one day I'll be brave enough to try and wear them out. That day has come, guys!

This one is the latest addition to my collection. It's the legendary Lancôme Artliner. I did not have anything from Lancôme, as they have always been too expensive for me but a few days ago I walked past their counter and I decided to ask for the Hypnose Star mascara (because why not?! Just a harmless visit to a Lancôme counter), little did I know the lady was going to introduce me to this tube of beauty and I ended up with this one in my bag...

On my lips: Topshop Lipstick in Beehive and Etude House Dear Darling Tint in 04 (Vampire Red)

The first thing that caught my eye = the colour. It's a striking neon blue. I give 10/10 for the colour. Another brand that does a similar colour is Sephora. It's stunning! I swatched it on my hand and then immediately decided to buy one. The applicator is a sponge tip which makes it easier to apply the product. The formulation is wet, and it takes 30 seconds to dry.

However, you do need to wait until it's completely dry to apply a second layer. You do need to dip the applicator into the tube again to get an even, opaque line. If you try to draw a full line without a second dip, it will go unevenly (which sucks, I know!). I have been reading reviews about this product online, and people are crazy about it (hence why it's so popular)! I'm not sure if the formulation in my country is different or I'm doing it wrong, but it's flaky and rubs off very easily on me (cue the mess on the fourth picture). It took a long time for me to apply this, and even after that they're not perfect.

As for the staying power, I find after 7 hours it still look decent, but in some parts where I've layered, it came off and it showed bare skin. OH AND ALSO, it gets on your eyelashes if you're not careful.

I love the colour so much that it's okay for me to sit for 30 minutes trying to get it to look right on my heaven-knows-not-meant-for-eyeliner eyelids, but if you're better at liquid eyeliner than I am, then you'll love this! I'm the only person in this world I think that has a problem applying this product so maybe I just suck at it. Haha.

Much love.

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