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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

These are brushes I use for foundation, on me and on other people as well! Although on other people I mostly use a Beauty Blender, because it blends foundation the quickest out of everything, but it's not for every foundation.

As you can see I have quite a few, and I've had them all for a long time... My favourite changes often!

Left to right: RT Essential Foundation Brush - Sigma Foundation Brush F60 (Mr Bunny) - RT Buffing Brush - Sigma Foundation Brush F60 - Sigma Duo Fibre Brush F50 - RT Expert Face Brush - RT Stippling Brush

My current favourites are both from Sigma, and I got them both from the Mr. Bunny set. Bear in mind that every foundation is different and I do experiment with what kind of brush works best with what product. However, these two seem to work with pretty much everything.

Sigma Foundation Brush F60 (Synthetic)
I like flat foundation brushes because I feel like they do not absorb as much product. I particularly like this one because it feels great on the skin, the size is perfect, it's very well cut and it's synthetic (guilt free brush!). It blends foundation really, really well and quick. I just love the finish it gives, a very beautiful even layer. Sometimes when I do not prep my skin enough it can be streaky but nothing I can't fix. Multiple uses before deep cleaning do not break me out which is great. It's very easy to clean as well! Also, when I use this on people it just feels more classy and luxurious, definitely more luxurious than using a sponge!

Sigma Duo Fibre Brush F50 (Synthetic)
I use this brush for everything. It's great to bring during travels because you only need one for your foundation, powder, blush, highlighter and bronzer. The only negative is the handle might be too big to be the most comfortable brush to use. It makes my foundation look natural (lighter coverage than the F60 which tends to give more coverage), but it still evens out my skintone. I love how it blends with my skin, almost like foundation + skin become one unit! It's great for everyday. I never use this on other people.

I know the title is my current favourites, but I feel it might be useful to know my least favourite brush of all time (all time!)

Sigma Foundation Brush F60 (Synthetic)
Guys I know this is confusing, but this one and the one in my favourite are totally different. I got it as an individual brush. They're made out of different type of bristles. Both are synthetic, but it says on the website the good one utilizes Sigma HD Filament (I don't know what that means) and this one does not. It's actually okay if it does not prick my skin everytime I use it. Paaainnnfuuullll. I only use this brush when everything else is dirty, always the last one to pick! They are both the same length but this one's tip is thicker. I don't know if I got a bad egg or they just did not cut these ones well. It's also very difficult to clean and you spend so much time to blend your foundation because it makes it streaky. Super streaky.

Much love.

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