Perth Journal: Kings Park

Monday, 15 December 2014

After we strolled through London Court, we headed to Kings Park and walked from CBD for around 20 minutes. Perth is very pedestrian-friendly, unlike Jakarta. It was a sunny day but the sun was deceiving because it was hella chilly. We got there and boy it was beautiful. A beautiful open space is pretty much nonexistent where I live so needless to say I was excited. I mean, it's just grass and trees it's not like I've never seen them in my life but really Kings Park is definitely my favourite place in Perth. So much green! It's so lovely to see people living their lives so differently than we do when we're actually just a few hours away. Perth people has great quality of life and I'd say the city is almost stress free, that's why they're so chilled I think. In Kings Park people brought lunch and wine, kids roamed around and play, couples laid down just taking a nap under a tree, people were reading books, having picnics, oh my gosh it was so lovely. It's definitely a luxury for a Jakartan to experience something like that. The air was so refreshing and everyone seemed content. I would 100% go back.

Much love.

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