Perth Journal: Tiger Tiger and London Court

Saturday, 13 December 2014

We went to Perth last October mainly to watch Justin Timberlake's concert, but we decided to stay for a few days to look around (little did we know there was not much to see in Perth!). We initially wanted to rent a car but had no time to take care of things so we relied on our trusty little feet and sometimes the underground. We really had very little information of what we're getting into (like our roommate in Kangaroo Inn, a girl from Melbourne, on our last day told us that Perth is known for being an expensive city), so we just went it and see where it would take us. On our first full day, we went to Tiger Tiger on Murray St and had a lovely breakfast and strolled to London Court. Tiger Tiger is a little cafe located in an alleyway just right in front of The Secret Garden Cafe. We went there based on recommendations we saw on the internet. Perth is a very quiet city, getting a proper breakfast can be a mission. We had sandwiches and my brother in law got a cup of coffee. It's definitely a treat during our trip because everything was so expensive. For a good amount of times, we felt like we paid too much for what we got. We know it's Australia, but we didn't expect it to be that expensive. Indonesian kids going here for school must be hella rich! IDR400k for a plate of pasta in a casual restaurant just seems too much. Anyways, after that we strolled around the CBD and found London Court. It's a street filled with shops selling all kinds of things, from postcards to uggs to jewelries, and it's heavily inspired by United Kingdom. Union jacks are everywhere. It looked very different than the rest of the CBD. So many "ooooh" and "cooool" came out of my mouth. I'm kind of obsessed with England so, yeah. We walked to Kings Park after that but that's for another day.

Much love.

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