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Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Contrary to popular belief (ahem), I don't have perfect skin! People comment on my pictures saying "wow your skin is glowing and so smooth" well thanks but it's make up! Haha. I have a neverending battle with redness, my skin is always so dehydrated but SO oily, my undereyes never see the light because it's so dark, I always have acnes, and last but not least.. I have massive pores *TMI alert*. Whiteheads love me but I don't love them back so I'm always on a mission to get rid of them. I found two products I use once a week after cleansing my face and they have been helping my skin!

1. Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
Clay masks are famous for its deep cleaning properties. They suck the gunk out of your skin and brands use the word 'detoxifying' to describe these products. If you have acne prone skin like I do, this might be your friend! I love this because it's not too harsh, it does not cause redness, not drying, it does not burn your skin (I've been there trust me) and it works. It has a very thick consistency and it's not the easiest to spread evenly on your face but I can work with it. You only need a thin layer anyways! The day after I put this on, I always find my makeup looking better and flawless. You can feel your skin being so clean after you use it. I put this on for 15 minutes and then rinse it off.

2. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Liquid Nose Pack
I bought this product and immediately tried it on that night at the hotel, loved it so much that I bought a second tube the next day! It does not rip your skin off like nose pore strips but it does the job. It's a black liquid 'goo' (I don't know what word to use!) that dries and then you peel it off. You can see where your pores were and what came out (just like a nose strip). I have to admit you do need a thicker layer than what I show you on the picture. I know I'm sorry!!! I was in a hurry this afternoon. It's also very affordable, only KRW6,000.

What products do you use to combat whiteheads? I'd love to know!

Much love.


  1. These are the best kak!! i love innisfree! have you tried skinfood's black sugar mask? if not, you really should! :)

    1. Aku belum pernah coba Skinfood Bet, bagiku brand nya kurang menarik! Ternyata ada yang bagus ya Bet? Makasih ya rekomendasi nya, nanti aku coba x)


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