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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Hello blogosphere! How are you? I just got back from a 6 day trip to Seoul, South Korea. It was like traveling in a freezer! It's true what they say that Korean winter is quite brutal... However, I managed to shop a few things and here's my Korean makeup haul!

So in my first trip to Seoul last September, I was clueless about Korean makeup and bought something from various brands in order to try them out, and now that I know better (avoid Banila Co at all costs!) I decided to just buy something from brands I really like, I also have already known what I needed.

What I bought from 3 Concept Eyes (3CE):

Please ignore how dry my arm is. I know! Lol.

Matte Eye Shadow in Cinnamon (KRW 11,000) - Think a cup of hot latte. It's that colour. The website describes it as a matte eye shadow with deep and dark natural brown tone. I would say it's mid tone neutral brown that leans more to a cooler toned brown. It's a shade that won't fit in either a Naked 1 or Naked 2 palette. I expected more from the texture, though. It's not as pigmented and buttery as I'd like.

Shimmer Eye Shadow in Saturn (KRW 11,000) - I bought this thinking it was a luster eye shadow, silly me. I can't really see the difference between their luster & shimmer eyeshadows except the luster ones seem to have more shimmer/sheen in it which is weird. The website says it's a straight up burgundy with pearlescent pink. To be honest I can't really see the pink in it but otherwise it's still a very gorgeous colour and I don't have anything like it. It's definitely something I would wear and I consider this wearable. This would be very pretty with a matte brown on the crease!

Matte Eye Shadow in English Rose (KRW 11,000) - This is a Naked 3 shade. It's a "pale lavender mixed with rosy tone". So pretty!! Texture wise it could be a lot better. I find this to be chalky and not the easiest matte eye shadow to work with but you can still layer the colour so that's good. I have a feeling I'll wear this lots after the rainy season ends.

Lip Color in 501 Bella (KRW 17,900) - This is my kind of dark lipstick and I even think it's still too light for me. It's a burgundy plummy purple mixed together. It does not feel drying at all and it glides on the lips very smoothly but it's not too creamy that you feel like it's going to disappear in one minute. I love the size of the bullet, it's not too big so it makes applying very easy.

Water Gloss in Lucky Strike (KRW 19,000) - Best lip gloss ever. You know how much I love 3CE's water glosses. I had two in Vivatic and Chewing, I wear them loads. I never thought I'd ever buy a lip product with this much orange in it. It's still very pretty with the peachy salmon tone, though. I'm going to bring this with me to Japan in April because this colour screams spring!

What I bought from Seatree:

I love Seatree so much because they incorporate real artists' designs to their packagings. They all look different and artistic! The products look so beautiful in the pan. I bought their Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Moisture Mist back in September, enjoyed them so I went and buy two of their makeup.

European Face Color in FC01 Glow Gold - It's a gold highlighter with golden glitter in it. They are not the finest glitters so I think I'll only wear it in the evening and not in broad daylight. They would be pretty for shoots though.

European Face Color in FC02 Blooming Pink - Peachy pink blush with magenta undertone.

They are very powdery and they don't have the best texture. I don't think I will use them a lot but I just think they're very pretty to put on my cabinet or something when I move out!

What I bought from Code Glokolor:

I've never even heard of this brand before. I was in Olive Young and stumbled upon these beauties. People are going mad over Too Faced Melted back home and I thought this might be a more affordable alternative. They cost if not KRW 10,000 then KRW 12,000 I forgot. This is a lip lacquer with two built in applicators, one is a curved applicator intended to hug your lips and the other one is a foamy hairy thing like the one in Too Faced Melted. They have a lot of colours on the line so there's something for everyone. The actual product is amazing, the texture is belissimo, the colours are amazing (better than 3CE's Lip Lacquers I must say!) but the applicators are kind of rubbish. You have very little control over the product that it always looks messy. I suggest using a lip brush because the product is just too good to be abandoned on your dressing table!

L.ong Double Lip in Pink Beige - The name is kind of misleading because I can't see pink in it. However, it's the most beautiful nude! It does not wash you out, it's not too light, it has the perfect amount of colour. If anything, it has more of a peach than pink in it.

L.ong Double Lip in Medium Red - My current favourite red. That explains it all. It's a deep blue toned red that oh my gosh just looks so divine on the lips!

What I bought from Innisfree:

I already have their eyeshadow in number 27 (I wish they make names for their shadows) and it's the most beautiful deep brown with fine golden specks in it.  They are KRW 5,000 each. It has better texture than my Naked palettes (zero fallout omg!) so I bought 2 more! They have a display full of rosy plum toned eye shadows.

Eye Shadow in 42 - Purple toned dark brown with fine burgundy and pink specks in it.

Eye Shadow in 39 - Matte rosy neutral taupey brown that has the most buttery, creamy matte eye shadow texture! Win win win! I will definitely buy more.

Much love.

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