Product Rave: Embryolisse Lait- Creme Concentre

Friday, 23 January 2015

This number had been on my wishlist since 2010 when I first started falling in love with make up, and I've only gotten to try it last year. It is THE product that make up artists use back stage and it's what models love. It is a staple for Karlie Kloss that one I know for sure. Not a model myself but I can say I understand why it is so loved, because it is truly amazing. Lait-creme concentre is a moisturizer, which can also be used as a primer and make up remover. It's packaged in an old school aluminium tube. It does not contain anything extraordinary (it's made in the 50s) which is why I think it suits so many different people and skin types because nothing extravagant and unnecessary is added. Another plus point, they do not test on animals, yay!

I have an oily but dehydrated skin. I get dry patches around my nose and sometimes on my cheeks as well. I use this as a moisturizer at night. It absorbs very well; but on me, it does leave some residue. I do apply quite a thick layer on purpose though, because I want my skin to look healthy and nourished in the morning, and it does. After several uses, my skin gets significantly softer and smooth. It helps my skin looking more awake. When I look in the mirror, I get that "Wow my skin looks good" thing. I have also been using this as a primer by applying a very thin layer and it works wonderfully! I brought this with me to South Korea during winter, and it was DRY PATCHES GALORE! Haha. After I went home I was so stressed out because the humidity + dry patches = hideous make up but after 4 days... OMG this product is seriously magic! It's definitely a forever repurchased product! It does not help with acne (because it's not what it's for) but I find it reduces the redness on your skin. A tube will also last you a long time! I feel like I will continue to use this and I would love to try and apply this on a model during a shoot, see if they like it/prove if it will look great.

Much love.


  1. Where did you get Embryolisse products here in Indonesia?

    1. Forgot where. Tapi coba PO di clois_beautystore di Instagram.


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