Wedding Journal: Invitation

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Out of every design possible, I chose not to have any "design" at all for my invitation. I opted for something timeless, words on the center, combining gold and turquoise. This invitation is for the "friends only" celebration. The wedding vow invitation is in Indonesian, as it is family only and we have families from outside the city.

Because I chose to make something very simple, I was very specific with the font, the wording, the shape of the envelope, the thickness of the paper, and everything I wanted to use. At first I asked a designer to design an illustration for my invitation (a la young, hip couples nowadays) and it was fricken expensive. I couldn't bring myself to pay that much for something that's going to end up in the trash can. No one's going to remember what my invitation looks like a month after my wedding, guaranteed. I used Belluccia Pro and Mrs Eaves Small Caps as fonts. If you are going to use the latter, do not use it in capslock so the beginning of each sentence will have a bigger letter which is more flattering -- a little tip right there ;)

Sorry I had to crop everything because privacy, hehe. On the bottom it says "It's an at home, friends-only, laid-back celebration. Semi formal, comfortable attire is recommended."

I hired someone in Kelapa Gading to take care of the design and printing (spoiler, I don't recommend them!). They have an outdated taste, they only have fonts everyone use (I had to send them both fonts I use!), they don't have a great understanding about invitations (which is weird since they're professionals. I had to reprint the map of my location because it was too small, it was still too small after I reprinted them to a bigger paper, only to find out they told me after that that they can't edit the design my fiance sent them so it could have bigger text, they could have told me from the start....), they just don't have the freshest ideas, and a tad expensive. I paid more because I only needed to print fewer invitations than other weddings, because I invite fewer guests. So to reach the quota of the printing I was charged way more expensive (understandable, but if only they offer better service!). At least they were very, very nice and polite.

Our invitation is everything I want (he's happy if I'm happy). Simple, but hopefully memorable (some friends contacted me saying my invitation's pretty unusual!), and timeless. What do you think? Do you like my invitation?

Much love,


  1. Adaniiiii... selera kamu unyuu banget sihh.. gemesh liat undangannya! berkelass.. boleh aku copy gak kata2: "It's an at home, friends-only, laid-back celebration. Semi formal, comfortable attire is recommended." Luv!


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