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Monday, 30 March 2015

Since the first time I started planning my wedding, there's only one person that came to my mind when asked who I wanted to do my makeup, Marlene Hariman. I booked her months and months before my wedding to make sure she's available on the date (Kak Marlene is very busy!) She is famous for doing makeup for weddings and celebrities. I have been following her work for years now. She did my best friend's makeup for prom years and years ago when she wasn't as famous, hehe. She did my older sister's and my makeup on my sister's wedding day.

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In Indonesia, traditionally wedding makeup is notorious for being very heavy and it often changes someone's face completely. I didn't want that. I wanted to look like myself. Kak Marlene's makeup is the middle ground between a heavy makeup and natural makeup. The base is very heavy and she packs on layers of foundation and concealer, plus a thick setting powder (I freaked out a bit tbh, but I trusted her completely!). When I looked in the mirror right after she finished doing my makeup, yep, it looked unnatural and it looked like I've packed on 5cm of powder on my face (not my favourite look), but after it sets (and thank God my skin was very cooperative) the makeup sticks to the skin like nothing else. Very beautiful effect! It looks divine on pictures as well. She's really great at layering makeup. If your wedding is a "grand ballroom wedding" where you stand on a stage, then yes you need a heavier, more glamorous makeup because guests look at you from afar and you don't want to look pale. But for me, people will look at me face to face so I need my makeup to look more "natural" while still looking like I had makeup on, it's quite difficult to explain haha. Indonesia is very humid so if you want your makeup to last, especially on your wedding day where the lighting can be a bit harsh, you need your skin to be matte because after a while most people here get oily.

For the Akad (wedding vow) makeup as seen above, she used a Laura Mercier primer and Make Up For Ever All Mat primer, and then she used a series of base products including a Japanese brand makeup I wasn't familiar with, Estee Lauder Double Wear, and Chanel Mat Lumiere (or Perfection Lumiere, I'm not sure which one!). She used cream contour and a cream reddish pink Kiko blush, and then set everything with Chanel Universelle powder. On the eyes I asked her to use my NARS Pro Prime because that's the only thing that works (she carries Urban Decay Primer Potion everywhere) for me, and then she used shadows from the Naked palettes and MAC (and I don't know what else). She used gel liner, liquid liner, and Chanel Stylo Yeux twist up pencil liner for the lash line and tightline. I did not have anything on my waterline but the Chanel pencil from my tightline did transfer a bit and it gave a subtle definition. Kak Marlene then put 2 sets of false lashes that did not feel heavy at all (it felt like I had false lashes on but it was not bad) and mascara. I did not know what eyebrow pencil she used on me but I truly loved the colour and then she runs a MAC eyebrow mascara through my eyebrows. She put on lots of a pink Dior blush that I fell head over heels in love with and a MAC MSF  bronzer to add glow. On the lips she used a MUFE lip liner, and two Too Faced Melted as requested by moi. I did not know what else she put on me I'm trying my best here!!

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For the "friends only celebration" at night, she touched up my makeup, amped my eyeshadow by darkening the outer corner, add more Dior blush (she could put the whole pan I wouldn't mind lmao!) and changed my lipstick to Bobbi Brown Rose Blossom that is now on my wishlist. She sets everything with a Skindinavia setting spray that worked better than my Urban Decay De Slick.

If you are having Kak Marlene do your makeup for your wedding day, keep reminding her to not use foundation darker than your skintone, she told me she tends to do that and that happened to me. Thankfully it wasn't that much of a trouble but I did look darker than I usually am, but I looked perfect in pictures.

I totally recommend Kak Marlene but make sure you book fast. She is so lovely and friendly, trust me you need that on your wedding day so you are not so stressed!

Much love,

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