Wedding Journal: Seserahan / Hantaran

Sunday, 29 March 2015

For those of you Indonesians, you must be familiar with 'Seserahan', which are boxes of gifts from the groom to the bride filled with the bride's needs from a set of lingerie and underwear to party dresses. These boxes are given from the groom's family to the bride's family on the day
of the wedding and you can display them so guests can see what you get. The bride usually gives back a few boxes to the groom, but in fewer amount of boxes.

If you google "isi seserahan/hantaran pernikahan" you can get a lot of ideas what people usually buy etc, but I asked my now husband then fiance to buy me only the things I know I love and  I will use (his family bought me some stuff as well, apart from things I picked for myself). People get MUCH MORE luxurious things than the ones I got trust me it's OTT sometimes! I did not follow the rules, but my mom did seem like she wanted me to get at least 7 boxes (the amount is usually an odd number, either 5, 7, 9, or more) so my husband bought me things to be arranged in 7 boxes and then his family also added a bowl of fruit and a set of bed sheets.

I rented boxes from The House Of Seserahan and asked them to arrange all of the boxes plus my 'mahar'. My family has used their service for both of my siblings so I knew what to expect. I did not know anyone who does Seserahan arrangement so elegantly, and they used good quality acrylic covers instead of plastic wraps or transparent plastic paper. They have quite a wide selection of boxes and decorative flowers. Their service is so expensive though but they made our Seserahan looked pretty.

I will go into detail of everything I picked up (except for all the fabric, which were given by my husband's family) so hopefully you will get some inspiration!

A pair of Nike Airmax Premium 90 in Premium Gold, Black, and White. I wear nothing but trainers and slippers so these were necessary! House of Seserahan displayed this with a black and white fabric I got from my husband's family. It matched really well.

A set of toiletries and bathroom needs from The Body Shop. Plus towels from my husband's family. I bought everything from a bottle of shower gel to body polish and hand cream.

Needless to say, my favourite box out of everything! Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita set and Charlotte Tilbury The Supermodel set, Tarte Tartelette palette, Shupette from Shu Uemura eyelash curler and Shupette from Shu Uemura palette.

 Batik everything from my husband's family and a bottle of Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

Pointy thick heels thing from Marks and Spencer (found them by accident!) and sling bag from Charles and Keith (that bow thing reminds me of Kate Spade)

Heels from Pedro and Kate Spade Nylon Leslie Satchel handbag.

 A set of mukena I bought in Thamrin City and a Holy Quran.

I'd love to answer questions about wedding planning (I planned everything myself!) so don't hesitate to shoot me one!

Much love,

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