Shu Uemura Laque Supreme BG 02 & WN 02

Saturday, 18 April 2015

The beginning of this month, Shu Uemura Indonesia launched a new product called Shu Uemura Laque Supreme (IDR 400.000). I managed to get two of them, BG 02 & WN 02. Both are everyday appropriate although WN 02 might be too bold for some people. This product has been out in other countries for a couple of months before it's available here and I have been waiting for them to come out so I am really happy to see that they bring them here! Shu Uemura states that this product combines highly intense color and brilliant shine to create a statement lip, also that it is water enriched which got me excited in the first place because it means it would have similarities with my favourite
3 Concept Eyes Water Glosses. I have decided lip products that coat my lips like water are my favourite kind of lippies, they make my lips look healthy and the sheen is quite unique. Now onto the product....

 The packaging is so Shu Uemura, it is sophisticated with an edge, I think that's the best way to describe it. The shape of the applicator is better than a usual doe foot because it hugs your lips perfectly and it spreads the product beautifully, great job on that! There is also a wide selection of colour to cater to everyone's preferences. It is also quite scented although not strong enough to bother me.

To me, they are lipglosses with high pigmentation and slightly watery. The water in it gives a cooling sensation which I really like, but it's not as lightweight as I had hoped, plus it also has a slight stickiness to it. Another thing I really love is that it stains your lips so you do not have to keep touching up if you don't have problem with the sheen fading. It is also comfortable to wear and not drying. I find that you can layer this product up to two layers to achieve higher opacity but you have to be careful because it has the tendency to look gloopy and it can create strings when you are opening your mouth. I find that different colour has different pigmentation, it is more difficult to even out the lighter color on the lips. Applying this definitely takes practice and it takes time to make it look perfect.

I like it and I know I will get a lot of use from it, but it is not "perfect", if it's more watery and not sticky/gloopy at all I would be raving about it! Especially since it's available in the country unlike my beloved 3CE. Below is the swatches of the two colours I bought....

Shu Uemura Laque Supreme BG 02 and WN 02

Shu Uemura BG 02 Swatch
BG 02 - Pinky peach with beige undertones. It does not wash out my skin tone and perfect for everyday.

Shu Uemura Laque Supreme WN 02 Swatch
WN 02 - Fuchsia that is still everyday appropriate. So beautiful!! It looks great on a lot of different skin tones as well. When worn with a very natural/bare makeup, it is so so so pretty for everyday.

Much love,

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