Wedding Journal: Decoration (Bits and Pieces)

Sunday, 5 April 2015

 Welcome to my first post showing you my wedding decoration *cue to a collective YAAAYYY* I'm so excited to share this post as much as I hope you are excited to see it... I will be posting more on decoration so stay tuned! I worked with wonderful girls from Peach Theory to decorate my wedding day and design everything from A-Z. Funny how I randomly searched #weddingdecorationjkt on instagram and found them. I'm so glad I did! I spent a lot of money but it was the highlight of my wedding, possibly my favourite part! They worked with a number of vendors to make my wedding as perfect as it was. Here are some parts of the result of their work.... (All pictures taken by Peach Theory)

My wedding was a combination of sweet, dreamy, magical and rustic altogether. Kak Selvi and Kak Evelyn was so patient and kind when on D-1 I asked them to paint their tables and boards white. There's no ceiling to how happy I was with the decor. They used only fresh flowers on my wedding day (there were no artificial flowers at all) and styrofoam was used only for the A and P shaped sign/flower garland. A lot of the flowers were imported and my bouquet had some flowers from David Austin. It was everything that I wanted and more. I specifically asked for a lot of fairy lights and they teased me saying that they bought maybe 1000m haha! Everyone loved the decoration and one of my friends even cried because of how beautiful it was! Peach Theory does everything for you, they are multitalented as they also do custom invitations etc. They only use the best of the best but if rustic isn't your style and you want everything to look 'polished' and 'perfect', maybe they are not for you! They are really great people and I'm so happy I got to know them.

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