IOPE Air Cushion XP SPF 50+/PA+++

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

I know I'm late to the bandwagon but I have had this product for quite a while now. I wanted to do a review a long time ago but it didn't make me look cute so then it's stashed away never to be seen again haha! I decided to give this a try again and this time this IOPE Air Cushion XP in C23 gets an "hm, it's actually not that bad" let's see what changed my mind...

First of all, let's talk about what it is first. This cushion base/foundation is all the rage in South Korea and that's where the trend started. It's basically liquid foundation soaked in an all new air sponge technology accompanied with an applicator that is an air puff for a hassle-free, easy-for-touch-up application. This technology is supposed to give you a lightweight but flawless base. Aside from the fact that it can look quite gimmick-y, I agree that the concept is actually genius.
This type of product is so easy to travel with.

Why did I buy IOPE Air Cushion XP instead of the other ones? Because this one is said to be the pioneer, this product started it all! It is a best seller and when I was doing my research, I could not find one bad review about this product... Everyone loves it. Talk about a cult favourite! Also, since South Korean girls have extremely pale skin, it can be quite a mission to look for a foundation that suits my coloring. This one is still a little too light, but with a little bit of bronzer it looks okay. Note that IOPE is a higher end brand in Korea, so it is expensive (but you get a free refill don't forget about that!). There are a lot of high street brands that sell this type of product, find something that suits your needs!

I did not like it at first, because my skin was dry when I first tried it out, and this accentuates + clings to every single dry patches I had. As I have said I did not look cute haha! Despite being marketed as a product that gives you a glowing, dewy skin (this type of product is usually targeted towards people with dry skin) it does not work for people with dry skin. Plus, it did not give me a glowing looking skin. It was rather matte, or semi matte, which is weird because everyone says the opposite, but this is my honest experience with this product. It does not fill in pores and I have a lot of visible pores especially around my nose, this does not fill them in at all, so what I was left with was dry, cakey skin with humongous, accentuated pores. I was really disappointed because I had high expectation and I expected a product like this to be hydrating but it did not either. Not cute.

After a lot of heavy moisturizing and exfoliating later, I tried this product again and it looked better. It still doesn't wow me or change my opinion completely, but yeah I can probably actually use this for a day out, especially with all those SPFs and sun protection abilities. This is how it looks like a day after I exfoliated my skin and on top of a heavy layer of moisturizer...

IOPE Air Cushion XP right after application
IOPE Air Cushion XP after a few minutes
What do you think? Do I look okay? On these pictures I wore nothing but the IOPE Air Cushion. I patted the product on to my face for better coverage. These pictures are 100% unedited and you can see how terrible my nose looks D: See what I mean by how it accentuates huge pores? But aside from that, at least my skin looks even-toned, it covers redness pretty well although it does not smoothen the look of my skin (see the chin!). The area under my eyes near the inner corner can be pretty dry and you can also see how it's a little accentuated. Does my skin look glowy or dewy at all? I would say it looks semi matte. I can be oily in my T-zone and I wouldn't even powder on top of this! I don't like the look of an overly matte skin because it defeats the purpose of looking natural. So I'll stick to my oil absorbing films... But, without setting this product with powderit feels like it does not set, so be careful as this may transfer to your bf/gf's shirt ;D Note that the actual shade is different than what you see on the sponge. It goes on a lot lighter. Now that you see how it looks, do you like it? Let's go to the pros and cons!

You will like it if you...
Like semi matte finish
Don't have dry, flaky skin
Don't have big pores
Have naturally smooth skin
Want medium coverage
Want broad spectrum SPF
Like lightweight foundations
Want a travel-friendly product for touch ups on the go
Want a long lasting base

You will not like it if you...
Have dry skin
Are sensitive to scented make up
Want a visible dewy, glowing finish
Want to hide your pores
Want a hydrating foundation

Much love, x

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