MAC Jubilee Lipstick is Love

Monday, 11 May 2015

I finally bought this lipstick after A YEAR waiting for it to be available in my country (the counters I've been to said they are not restocking Jubilee in Indonesia *frowns*) YAY! I bought this in a MAC store in Omotesando and walked out with nothing else, because it's the only thing I needed! I swatched all the available limited editions stuff but there was nothing I really liked so MAC Jubilee lipstick it is!

MAC Jubilee lipstick swatch. Swiped several times.

I have never swatched this, not even on my hand before I bought it because I have seen so many swatches on people's blogs and I just knew I was going to like it and it would look good on my skin tone.

It was a total win! It's a brown nude on me with a hint of orange (but definitely a brown nude) with a glossy finish that does not feel thick at all and it just glides on so beautifully. I prefer the sheen it gives to MAC Syrup and Patisserie. On my skintone it is what I would say a perfect nude. My skin has serious yellow undertones and this lipstick does not make me look more yellow. It is a lustre so it is not the most pigmented, but the pigmentation is perfect for the texture. MAC Jubilee is a lipstick that is so easy to wear but in the end just looks great. The colour does not wash you out and it looks great with so many different looks. Wearing this on lazy makeup days makes you look put together but still effortless, it is also the colour you can wear with smokey and heavier eye look. It feels hydrating, almost like you are doing a treatment to your lips. It's definitely worth the price you pay! I cannot say enough good things about it and so far I haven't found anything negative. It smells divine and seriously, you need this!

Much love,


  1. Daan, gw juga suka MAC Jubilee. Prefer this one than Patisserie. Soalnya Patisserie ada shimmer (or glitter rather) nya. Perfect peachy MLBB shade :p

    1. Iya chaaa dulu beli Patisserie over Jubilee karena Vivianna suka banget nya Patisserie kan... ternyata gak kepake sm gue karena glitternya noticeable terus abis diapus juga masih suka nempel2x di bibir glitternya :( Huhu sedih. Ini bagus banget sih emang bingung di Indo udah ga stok lagi


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