YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation: Is It Worth It?

Friday, 19 June 2015

After I first heard and saw it in action almost 2 years ago, I put it into my wishlist without a pause. I read all the reviews and there was a lot of "ooohs" everytime I saw someone's skin just glow wearing this foundation. This YSL number has always been in the back of my mind but I kept avoiding buying it because: 1) It costs me my life and 2) it costs me my life. It is so expensive probably because of the skincare properties that are the bonus of this foundation. I ran out of my trusty Bourjois Healthy Mix and was looking for a higher end option. I tried Clinique Even Better which isn't bad but it does not fully satisfy my needs! I caved in and read and reread and rewatched reviews on this YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation oh boy I'm so glad I did. In the end this Lily Pebbles review was the one that made me like "alright that's it where's the nearest YSL counter" (look at that skin!!! So gorgeous!) After 2 years I finally convinced myself enough to buy it in the shade B30 and spoiler alert: I love it.

YSL Youth Liberator Serum Foundation is packaged in this luxurious, beautiful glass bottle. For the amount of money you spend, of course you want the product to look expensive so you can put in on your vanity. It contains 30 ml of product which is standard for a foundation. It is equipped with a pump that dispenses a good amount of product.

I've tried applying this with a buffing brush and the Real Techniques sponge, needless to say I prefer the latter (I'm a sponge girl). The texture is on the middle ground between a runny and a thick foundation. I find I need to use more than 2 pumps of this to achieve the desired, even coverage whereas with other foundation I only need to use the maximum of 2 pumps, probably because the sponge and the brush absorbs this foundation more than they do to other products. That being said, if you spend this much money on a bottle of foundation you definitely want to use this up before it goes bad, so I am okay with that! It gives the most medium and buildable coverage that smoothens the pores and does not accentuate my dry areas. It just has the most beautiful finish ever. I had very high expectations and this definitely does not disappoint!

As the name suggests, it does give you such a radiant, youthful glow. If you have oily skin, you need to set this with powder and just blot throughout the day. However, it lasts really well so even if you are oily you don't need to worry about this foundation fading around your T-zone. The hydration it gives is definitely noticeable. I am all about this "foundation with benefits" so will I repurchase? I think so.

I honestly can't pick just one picture I'm sorry. Feel free to zoom in and see my disguised, vanished pores. My Clinique Cheek Pop in Peach Pop did help with blurring the pores as well!

Much love,


  1. akhirnya beli juga ya dan foundationnya! bagus daaaan :) gw kemaren jdnya beli nars sheer glow juga ga nyesel yay hehehe.

    1. CAAA mau liat dong NARS sheer glow di lo gimanaaa 😊 iya bagus bgt super hepiii tp harganya bener2x ga sanggup gw

  2. Nice blog ��
    And you look super flawless and pretty ��

  3. Haii, bagus banget hasilnya, aku suka deh, kalo agak oily ga buat kita kaya mengkilap banget kan yah? And ini ada yah di indonesia? Kalo boleh tau harganya berapa yah? :) thankyou

    1. Ini glowy banget. Sekarang favoritku Too Faced Born This Way tapi kalo suka glowy foundation ini bagus. Dan malam hari saat hapus makeup terasa efek skincare di dalam foundationnya kulit lebih nourished aja rasanya, itu yang bikin mahal. Di Indo harganya 875 atau 725 ribu gitu lupa. Too Faced Born This Way 450-500an tapi jauh lebih kepake dari ini menurutku. Kalau ini dibawa jalan-jalan pas winter enak pas kulit butuh glow lebih hehe


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