Legendary Helena Rubinstein Mascara

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Ever since I watched Lisa Eldridge's videos about makeup history, I have always been fascinated and determined to continuously learn about it. Lisa once said on a video that every time she's in Japan, she will stock up on the legendary Helena Rubinstein mascaras, because they withdrew from the UK and US market. I was intrigued by the brand and then from time to time I read a little bit more about them. Helena Rubinstein invented the first ever waterproof mascara, and she also invented the modern day mascara--mascara used to be solid, paste-like, packaged in a pan, she invented mascara in a tube form. How legendary is that? Isn't it amazing that someone actually invented things we see around us today? That they used to be such an innovation back in the day? Oh, don't forget she also invented tinted matte face powder and she pioneered the use of blusher. She found that by dabbing red on the apples of your cheeks and blending upwards it brightened her face, so women quickly followed her steps. She recommended women to wear more dramatic, bold berry colours on their lips. She truly revolutionized the beauty industry, not just claiming she did. 

I went to Japan recently, and in Kyoto station I accidentally walked past their counter and almost couldn't believe that it was there in front of my eyes (yes I AM dramatic haha), because yes the brand is legendary, and because I never thought I would ever touch their products in my life. I was in awe because I have learnt about the company and their historical value (and of course, the ambitious, innovative Helena Rubinstein herself), but now I got to at least hold their products in my hand!!! I was immediately drawn to their mascaras, but seeing as they're fairly expensive, I decided to walk home without them that day...

I could not stop thinking about them and thought "I have to buy at least one product, or I will regret it", so the next day I picked up their Lash Queen Sexy Blacks waterproof mascara. It's the first mascara that gave me chills the first time I held it in my hand. I felt like I was holding a piece of history! Although the Lash Queen line wasn't launched until 2004, and Helena wasn't around then, it still felt like I did.

The mascara is housed in a gold tube with velvet lace patterns. It is not my favourite packaging, but it's still sensual and feminine. The brush shape makes it VERY easy to apply mascara in the inner corner (it's usually impossible with other mascaras), it's very ergonomic and easy to use overall. I really like the formula. This is my ultimate favourite now. Having paid that much for a 5.8 ml of product, of course I had high expectations. I was very pleased to find it does everything it needs to do. I find that blinking while applying gives you more separation, fluttery lashes, when wiggling the wand gives you more volume. I like wearing multiple coats by blinking into it to get the desired separation and curl. It won't smudge or flake when used on the bottom lash either. It does not give you a tonne of length which is probably the only downside to this product. I really, really love it and I will continue to buy more. Next I want to try their Long Lash mascara because it is the cult object, the legendary legendary mascara. Recently I found out they have these in Singapore so I will definitely stock up!

If you want to see more of it in action, feel free to check out my Instagram here. It's what I've been wearing in the past 4 weeks.

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