KIKO Milano Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow and Soft Touch Blush

Thursday, 6 August 2015

I have always been to try out something from KIKO Milano makeup, but they are so difficult to find where I live. Not long ago I found a reseller that sells very reasonably priced KIKO items and after a lot of research I bought some!

I bought 4 of their Long Lasting Stick shadows and 2 of their Soft Touch blushes. KIKO has a very extensive range of these two products, especially the shadow sticks. If you want affordable shadow sticks, KIKO has more than what you need. I wanted more colours but the others I want aren't available, so maybe next time!

The packaging of the long lasting stick shadow is similar to the Bobbi Brown one. It's a twist up shadow with a cap that clicks. I like the Bobbi Brown one better because the tube has a gloss finish whereas the KIKO ones are velvety, like NARS packaging. Nothing major. I like that they show the colour of the eyeshadow on the bottom of the tube, it makes picking up the colour from the storage easier.

I bought 4 of them, from left to right: 04, 06, 25, and 34. 3 of them are my usual, neutral colours and then there's a light pink that I'm not used to. They actually have names that are not printed on the packaging so for now we'll stick with the numbers! I really want number 05 which is a rosy brown and number 38.

L-R: 04 Golden Chocolate, 06 Golden Brown, 25 Light Taupe, 34 Pearly Quartz Rose

These are the swatches of the product, all of them have shimmers but shade 25 Light Taupe has more of a muted, satin finish almost matte and number 34 is almost frost. They all have silver shimmers in them but some has more noticeable shimmer than the other, 06 Golden Brown is the most shimmery and 34 Pearly Quartz Rose is next level shimmery--it's sparkly. I honestly still don't know how I'm going to wear 34 Pearly Quartz Rose but I'm up for the challenge.

They swatch really smoothly with high opacity upon first swipe with the exception of 25 Light Taupe that didn't really show up on my skintone so I swiped a couple of times. They all have amazing pigmentation with no tugging at all. First impression: really great quality for the price! These are much creamier than NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil. I left them on for several minutes while taking pictures, and when I tried to wipe them off with my Bioderma they did not just go off, I had to put on effort to remove the swatches, which means after these set, they should not budge and you have limited time to blend them before they do.

KIKO Soft Touch Blushes no 108 Orange Coral and 110 Bright Pink.

 The Soft Touch blushes packaging have a velvet, matte finish, the same as the long lasting stick shadows. From the pictures online, I thought this would have the same size as my Tarte blushes, but in real life it's smaller. Tarte blushes have 5.6g of product while these have 5g--not bad for the price! These are so affordable. KIKO Soft Touch blushes are soft to the touch, as the name suggests. They are not scary pigmented like Sleek blushes, so you don't have to worry about taking too much product with your brush and you can definitely build up the pigmentation. I really love the level of pigmentation these have.

These are both matte, and the name 108 Orange Coral really represents what's on the pan, the same goes for 110 Bright Pink. 110 Bright Pink is my type of pink, it will brighten my complexion the way I like it. I don't have anything like 108 Orange Coral but I decided I wanted to experiment, and since these are so affordable so it's perfect for me to try out shades I usually don't wear.

I'm really excited to wear them out. I will update my thoughts on them on my Instagram. Follow if you want!

Much love,


  1. OMG. We have a Kiko reseller in town? And at a reasonable price too? Mind to share? (winks) LOL
    I am usually drawn by their Limited Edition packaging. They have some wonderful LE! Kiko needs more hype in the beauty world IMO.

    1. It's @kakadumakeup on instagram babe! They have quite a lot of KIKO products ready! Yes the polkadot lipsticks thoughhh <3 >.<

  2. Gw liat tweetlo yg lo mau beli kiko products dan gw sudah duga kalo lo pasti bakal beli eyeshadow sticksnyaaaaa!! Aaaa moga len kali kesampean beli by terry ombre blackstar jugak ya shayyy

    1. Hahahaha!!! Iyaaa for the price lumayan bgt meski agak berasa thick gitu.. trs yg no 25 ga cocok sama sekali di gue so I'm thinking of giving it away T_T Gila ya By Terry mesti gimana gw nad


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