[PIC HEAVY] Tokyo Disneysea, April 2015 (Tips!)

Sunday, 16 August 2015

I have not written a travel post in such a long time but if you know me you'd know I love traveling just as much as I love makeup. AND I'm a huge Disney freak. So there's that! For our honeymoon, we went to Japan for 10 days and got to spent one whole day at Disneyland and another day at Disneysea. I'm so thankful I have a very understanding husband that he would go through 2 full days accompanying me strolling around Disney parks! Next year's Disney trip is already in planning...

If you did not know, Tokyo is the only place in the entire world that has Disneysea, so if you only have one day, I would say choose Disneysea over Disneyland, plus the attractions are more adult-friendly than Disneyland. I have several tips that I'd like to share....

1. Buy tickets in advance. This will help you a lot so you don't have to stand in line for tickets and then for entrance on the day. Plan ahead. We bought our Disney tickets in Jakarta probably a month before we left to Japan.

2. If you can, don't come during weekends. Disney parks in Tokyo are always busy, and they are even busier on weekends. On both days that we were there, max waiting time was about 1 hour for the attractions, with the exception of Hollywood Tower of Terror.

3. Bring snacks! You are going to walk around a big park for a whole day, you need snacks trust me! Snacks in Disney parks can be very overpriced and some of them honestly aren't that good, although some are classics. Even the food in the restaurants taste average--at least the ones we could afford, haha. I recommend stocking up on 7 Eleven's onigiri (I loooove the tuna mayonnaise) because they're quite filling and a few other snacks as well, so you don't have to spend a fortune on snacks inside the park.

3. Come early, by early I mean like 1,5 hour to 2 hours before opening hour (that's if you're crazy like me). Opening hours at both parks can change on the daily. The Tokyo Disney Resort website has all the information you need. Japanese Disney fans can be hardcore fanatics that no matter how early you think you are, there will already be a line. And if you come late, you can't expect to ride all the popular attractions!

4. Before you enter the park, ask the lady to give you not only the map, but the show schedules as well, sometimes they can be in different brochures. Don't forget to ask for an English version (if you can't speak Japanese). When you stand in line, you will notice people are already planning what they would prioritize (Japanese fans can be quite hectic, I love it!), I suggest you do the same. If you want to meet characters, or watch the main shows at Mediterranean Harbor, you have to be in the area way before the designated time. If you want to get a good view of the Fantasmic, people are already sitting in front of the harbor approximately 2 hours before showtime. This one is worth the wait trust me!

 5. If you want to ride a lot of the attraction, plan ahead, make strategy, use the fast pass facility wisely, AND the single rider line. All of the more popular rides at Disneysea has fastpass. Since I suck at explaining these things read more about it here. Basically you can't get fastpasses for all the attractions at a time, you have to wait until a designated time to be able to get another fastpass. We pretty much rode most of the thrilling rides, but both times I was at Disneysea, I didn't get the chance to ride Toy Story Mania! :( We both loved Tower of Terror, Indiana Jones (similar to The Mummy ride at Universal Studios), and Journey to the Center of The Earth. Underwhelming rides (despite often having long lines) are StormRider and Raging Spirits, so I wouldn't recommend prioritizing that. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is pretty cool. Attractions like Mermaid Lagoon Theater and The Magic Lamp theater are amazing but both are in Japanese.

6. The best popcorn flavours are the Black Pepper and the Jalapeno and Cheese, both located at American Waterfront. Like omg I still dream of them sometimes! Haha. There is also a strawberry beer booth that is always busy. The Tokyo Disneysea is so big on popcorns. You will find different popcorn flavour in different part of the park. For example, there is a curry flavoured popcorn at Arabian Coast. You will see people wearing popcorn buckets around their necks, with various shapes such as the Little Green Men or Minnie Mouse's bow.

7. If you want to meet a lot of characters at the same time, the good place to be is at Waterfront park around 11, they also usually have some characters around the Mediterranean Harbor at 10 am. I met all of Aladdin characters at Arabian Coast at 3.30-4pm, they had Stitch and Daisy Duck at 3pm there as well. If you want to meet The Incredibles, they hang out at Port Discovery. I met Prince Eric at Mermaid Lagoon around 2-3pm. You can only meet Princess Ariel at the Ariel's Grotto at a designated time, prepare to have a long waiting time! If you want to meet Mickey Mouse and the gang they are at Lost River Delta, but you can only meet one character at a time, Mickey and Minnie has the longest line, Goofy is the least busy (poor Goofy). I love Disneysea because you can see even the less popular characters like Jiminy Cricket and Honest John and Gideon from Pinocchio! My dream is to meet Megara but I heard she only shows up at EPCOT around 23 times a year??? :(

What I'd like to tell you as well is that the Japanese Disney crowd is pretty different than everywhere else in the world... A lot of people has annual pass and I see people going to Disney alone, they know the place like the back of their hand! Everyone has a clear idea of what they want to do, in Disneyland, lots of people bring big bags filled with picnic mats and then they just sit around a great area to watch the parade and then wait there all day. Some people dance to the choreography throughout an entire show at Disneysea, they know it that well. So prepare for that! Both parks can be hectic around show hours.

Uhmmm... I think that's all! I don't know if I've covered everything but feel free to ask me in the comments :)

Much love, x

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