Urban Decay Revolution High Color Lipgloss: Kinky

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I was not planning on buying anything from this line, nothing caught my attention when I first saw them. However, after several visits to Sephora during my trip in Singapore, eventually I got curious and swatched two shades on the back of my hand, Kinky and Liar. I fell in love with Kinky right away because it's a perfect nude and I'm boring like that! I didn't pick up Liar because it was too dark for me, and much more pink with a hint of mauve. There are soooo many beautiful, bold colours that I know I will never be brave enough to actually wear out!

Packaging is a bit unusual, as you might have expected from Urban Decay. It has a slim elliptical tube instead of the normal square or round tube. The tube has textures on it that resembles a tree (?). You can see the product inside so you know when it runs out. The packaging feels high end and weighted which I like. The applicator is a fuzzy tapered doe foot applicator that is a lot better than a normal doe foot shape because it spreads product more evenly and you don't get thicker edges like you usually get with a typical doe foot. The tip of the applicator really helps with applying product around the edges of your lips. I really, really like it.

The colour of Urban Decay Hi Color Revolution Lipgloss in Kinky to me is a nude with a tiny hint of pink and peach in it, but it's definitely mostly brown-nude. It is very flattering and does not wash me out at all. The formula is incredible. They're not playing when they say it's pigmented. It's like a lipgloss version of a liquid lipstick. It's very opaque. I think Anastasia Beverly Hills has a line of products with similar concept but I haven't tried that one. One dip is enough to cover lower and upper lip. It has the normal tackiness of a lipgloss but zero stickiness. The lipgloss applies very smoothly with no dragging or tugging whatsoever. It gives the feeling of hydration and very comfortable. The shine is very luxurious and your lips look instantly luscious. And one of the most important things is that it does not cling to your dry patches or emphasize them in any way possible! It covers your lips entirely almost like your lips weren't dry in the first place at all :D It's one of the best lipgloss formulas I've tried. Combined with the applicator it's perfect! It lasts for 4-5 hours without eating or drinking, but the sheen fades around the 3 hour mark. Reapplication does not make the product clumps on your lips, it will look the same as the initial application.

I think it's obvious I love this so much. Have you tried the Urban Decay Revolution High Color Lipgloss? What shade interests you the most?

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