Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow stick in Dusty Mauve Review

Monday, 14 September 2015

I am still obsessed with cream shadow sticks. I have a few and they are always on rotation. Today I'm talking about (spoiler alert) my favourite one, like number 1 favourite. Having said that, I have not tried shadow sticks from Laura Mercier, By Terry, and NARS. I'm getting them but I still don't know when. So far this one is top shelf for me. It's the Bobbi Brown one in the shade Dusty Mauve. Let's dive in!

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick in Dusty Mauve

The packaging is sophisticated and looks luxurious. I prefer this glossy black tube than the rubberized KIKO ones. It contains 1.6g of product, which I don't know if it's a lot or not, but who finishes their makeup anyway? Haha. The tube is not jumbo sized so when you apply the product it is not going to get messy! Just like a lot of other shadow sticks, this one is a twist up.
The colour in this one is a shimmery dusty mauve, so the name is pretty spot on. It also has a taupe undertone. On me, the purple definitely shows through. Eventhough the colour is still suitable for everyday, it's still unique compared to bronze toned cream shadows we all love. This one is not light but not too dark as well so it gives depth without being too dark for daytime. As you can see, when the edges are blended you do not end up getting shimmers everywhere, the colour beautifully fades into a transition colour instead.
The formula is why this one is my favourite (so far). It glides on so smoothly without tugging your eyelid and it feels thin on the lid as well. I would say the pigmentation level is medium, definitely more pigmented than Clinique Chubby Tint for Eyes, but I am okay with that because I have something that is super opaque but it's so thick and sticky upon first swipe. It is also so easy to blend, it's not patchy at all. After days of wearing my KIKO shadow sticks, blending this one feels like heaven. The only downside to the formulation is that if you want to build up the intensity, you can, but the thicker the layer, the stickier it gets, especially if you have hooded eyelids like I do. If you don't have hooded eyelids I don't think it would bother you too much. It does not bother me too much too, but it's important to me that you get all the information you can about this product!
You don't need to worry about the longevity, because once it sets, it does not budge, especially on top of a primer.

This product is high quality, from the packaging, to the colour selection, to the formula. When you use it, it feels high end, which is why it's worth the price and I will repurchase (in other shades).

Much love,


  1. Every color looks good on your skin tone its so unfair T_T

    1. Naddd engga sama sekali! I can't wear corals & orange! Yg semua bagus tuh si EmilyFox ratu swatch wkwk

    2. Masa si?? Kan u putih! Ah iya dia mah snow white -_-


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