Laura Mercier Oil-Free Primer Review

Monday, 28 September 2015

Last time I was in Singapore, I picked up this Laura Mercier Oil-Free primer. I have not had a lot of experiences with primers before, I can say that this is the first time I have properly tried primer. I chose the Laura Mercier one over the others because I think I have seen some people used this on YouTube. The next primer I will buy will be the Too Faced Hangover primer. I picked up the oil-free version because my skin has been a little more oily nowadays.

Overall, I have had a pretty good experience with this product, the only thing it does not do is control oil. But it can be because nothing can help my T-zone, the area always gets oily after a while, no matter what I do. I still find myself shiny after 4 hour wear, except if I actually wear a more matte/oil controlling foundation on the day, but other than that it's great.

What I do with it is I put a pea sized amount on my finger, dot it on my face and then massage it in with my fingers. You will feel the primer getting tacky, and after that I put my foundation on top. I don't mind the tackiness, because in a way you know it will make your foundation stick to it, and maybe that's how it works. I have used multiple foundation with this primer, and it always makes my makeup look significantly smoother and more seamless. Suddenly my skin texture does not look so bad anymore! This is great for people with enlarged pores, because this minimizes the look of pores very much, foundation just glides on top of it beautifully. You can apply your foundation with a sponge or a brush, it does not change the effect this primer gives. Not to mention the tube is huge! You get 50ml of product for what you pay, which is quite a lot of product. My makeup does last longer as well. After 8 hours wear, I don't see any fading anywhere, even around my nose or chin, but I usually blot around the 4 hour mark. I was surprised that this gets such bad reviews on Makeup Alley, because this primer does work to some extent, although yes, it isn't perfect. I love love love this, I have been using it pretty much everyday and it's taken a part in my routine.

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