NEW Dior Addict Lipstick Fall 2015 Relaunch: 553 Smile and 578 Diorkiss

Thursday, 22 October 2015

I got these lippies the minute they came out because 1) Peter Philips 2) The campaign 3) I don't have lipsticks from Dior. Dior reformulated and relaunched their Dior Addict lipsticks, based on Dior website the lipsticks in this line are supposed to have super intense shine due to the hydra-gel core, they should glide on effortlessly and feel comfortable on the lips. In the campaign, the lipstick Jennifer Lawrence was wearing (976 Be Dior) also looked super pigmented. Let's see if these lipstick live up to its claims...

First of all, the packaging, it's flawless. Dior just makes my favourite packaging! I like it better than my Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, I like it better even than Chanel or YSL lipsticks. It's so futuristic but the knob still gives it a vintage feel. I don't usually like silver packaging, but Dior chooses the perfect silver shade that it's just so luxurious and not tacky at all. Compared to Giorgio Armani silver, this is way better. The magnetic casing is a good upgrade than the usual 'click' on the cap. It reflects lights so beautifully it gives them a holographic feel. So youthful and sophisticated. It's so perfect, and for the price tag, what this lipstick looks like makes it all worth it.

I love Dior so, so much but I'm trying to be very objective in describing these lipsticks, and hopefully help you decide whether these are worth spending that much money or not. The shades I bought are 553 Smile and 578 Diorkiss.

Dior Addict Fall 2015 553 Smile and 578 Diorkiss swatch

 Both shades are definitely more on the sheer side than pigmented. I have seen swatches of 553 Smile before I bought these so I knew what I was expecting. But if you were to buy them solely based on the campaign, you would be let down by the actual product. They could have marketed this as sheer, buildable lipsticks but they claimed otherwise. The lesson is: don't blindly trust campaigns, guys! Haha. The overall formula of these is that they feel really balmy on the lips, and they are shiny, but not over the top shiny, at least based on the two shades I have. They are comfortable, although you can quite feel them on the lips. These definitely have more of a thicker formula, maybe because of the hydra-gel core that works as a top coat. If you don't like feeling like you are wearing lipstick but you are interested in them, I would recommend getting a sample first or trying them out on your lips at the counter. The shade 553 Smile clings onto dry patches but you can easily fix it by rubbing your lips together, or by tapping your lips with your finger so the lipstick really sinks in. I don't experience this with 578 Diorkiss.

Dior Addict Fall 2015 lipstick in 553 Smile swatch

Dior Addict lipstick in 553 Smile is a light, pinky nude colour that's lighter than my natural lip colour. It's one of their signature shades. If you don't like pale nudes or you like your makeup to look fresh, choose something a little darker or another shade with more pigment and base. This one is mostly transparent and it does not have a lot of base colour. I love this for everyday. Sometimes I wear another lipstick but then I change my lip colour midday and use this one for touch up because it's so easy to use.

Dior Addict Fall 2015 578 Diorkiss
578 Diorkiss is a mid tone, corally pink. It may even have a touch of red. In terms of pigment, this one has more base than 553 Smile. In these pictures the pink shines through more than the coral (which I love), but in real life I see coral more than I see pink. It makes your overall makeup look a little warmer.

They last for 3-4 hours and then the shine disappears and leaves you with a hint of colour. What I love about sheer lipsticks is they are so low maintenance you don't need to worry about having a ring around the edges of your lips, these definitely don't give me that look. They reapply perfectly and nothing crumbles. To me, reapplication is more important than longevity, so this is s a plus.

After they are used, they don't look so pretty anymore. The CD mark in my 553 Smile looks like it's not even there in the first place *sad face*, and I don't know why my hydra-gel core part has holes in it, maybe when they poured it into the lipstick some air didn't escape.

With all that being said, I love this product. At the same time they are falsely advertised as products that will give you intense colour, which is not good. If they have been honest with their products people would love these more. For me, although they are not perfect but these are high quality. These are so far the most luxurious looking lipsticks in my collection. But there are a lot of brands that give the same look and similar finish for more affordable price. If you are tight on budget but have been saving up for makeup, I would say go for something else. If you are looking for actual practicality, go for something else. But if you are a collector, these would be a great addition to your collection. Just look at them! So beautiful! The product inside is lovely as well. :)

Much love,

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