Burberry Lip Velvet in Oxblood

Friday, 15 January 2016

This lipstick was the first Burberry makeup product I own. This lipstick was used to create the look for Burberry SS 2016 fashion show, it's a newer addition to the Lip Velvet line and I find that not a lot of bloggers have already written about this yet. The Lip Velvet line from Burberry is their version of matte lipsticks. However, the formula is 'different' from traditional matte lipsticks...

Burberry Lip Velvet 437 Oxblood

Do I even need to talk about the packaging? When you hold them you know it's expensive. It's weighted and it has a magnetic closure. The signature Burberry pattern embossing on the lipstick bullet just screams luxury. The Lip Velvet line has a 'matte' boxy packaging, different than the other lipstick lines from Burberry. I love that it's not gold or rose gold but it still looks luxurious. These lipsticks glide on super smoothly, they have a slip to them so no tugging or dragging at all. This lipstick is in the same formula family as the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipsticks, except that this one is more pigmented and more slippery than the Charlotte Tilbury ones. They are so comfortable to wear, I never feel even the tiniest bit of dryness whenever I wear this lipstick. Although, if you want to be extra safe, you would want to wear a lip pencil underneath to make them more long lasting and so you feel like they are really set in place. Don't worry, this does not bleed or feather throughout the day. The only thing that bothers me is the strong luxurious rose scent that you can smell when you apply the lipstick. The scent fades but I would prefer the scent to be more subtle. Apart from that, it's top notch. If you want a super flat matte lip look you won't love this as much though. It's more of a luminous matte instead of MAC retro matte type of a finish.

Burberry Lip Velvet 437 Oxblood swatch

As you can see, it's not a typical spring lipstick. It's a deep burgundy, with no trace of violet in it. I love this shade! I don't have a lot of lipstick that's this dark and I bought it partly because Wendy Rowe used it on the models and it looked amazing on them. It's perfect paired with super minimal makeup to keep it edgy and modern. However here I paired it with a shimmery eyelid and extra flirty falsies, also rosey blush so I don't look washed out.

From Sephora Youtube channel: Burberry Spring Summer 2016 makeup tutorial.

Much love, x

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