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Monday, 25 January 2016

2014 and most of 2015 were 'nude lipstick' years for me. I used to love beautiful lighter nudes (not ones that make me look dead though) and so comfortable with them. However, come the end of 2015 I became more adventurous and started wearing more pigments on my lip. I hardly wear nude lipsticks nowadays and I am not as comfortable with them as I used to. Maybe because that was all I'd been wearing for years and I wanted a change.

In this post I am going to show you how I wear a long wearing red lip for everyday. I kept it modern and simple as always. Red lip gives your look an extra oomph and I love how it brightens my complexion. If you have a red lipstick you absolutely love but you don't want to wear a full on red lip to the office, or you don't know what eyeshadows to combine with the red lip to keep it simple, this may be useful for you.

In this picture, I am wearing Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Grand Cru, which everyone dislikes and it is the bad egg in the bunch. If you try to get a full on lip look with this product you will be frustrated because it applies unevenly, streaky, patchy and all that jazz. However, the colour is so beautiful and I have been loving wearing it this way because it works! As always, I apply directly using the applicator to spread a thin layer on my bottom lip and then spread using my fingers. I do the same for the top lip and then add more where I want to. I like to keep my lips look effortless and not too severe, there is no harsh line with this look, the edges are a bit blurry which leaves a more modern vibe overall. I also don't put too much effort on making the colour spreads evenly, the uneven-ness makes it a little rock and roll!

Now... what to do with the rest of the face? A red lip tends to bring out the redness in your skin and make it more apparent, so you need to even out your skintone. This does not mean you need to wear a cake face! You can get your skin evened out and still look fresh. Apply a thin layer of natural finish foundation, or your tinted moisturizer/ cc cream/ whatever you have and then add more only where you need. You can also use a bit of concealer of course. I wouldn't advise on wearing a matte finish base because it tends to look more unnatural and it covers up the natural glow your skin has, but if you like it then go for it.

When wearing a red lip, make sure all the colour on your face go together. To look effortless is the goal.
For the eyes if you want to go more classic you can do a winged liner or an all matte eyeshadow look or a gold lid. But a simple neutral eyeshadow look works too. I disagree with people who say we must balance a red lip with a strong eye makeup look, it's not true at all! I wouldn't use anything too warm toned or cool toned for this look, the warmest I'd go is probably Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita palette. I always love shimmer on my eyes that's why I used Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette in the shade Hazelnut all over the eyelid and Semi Sweet on the outer half of my eyes. I also added both on my lower lashline. Extra simple and quick! It still frames the eyes beautifully and it also gives a little bit of definition. If there's one thing you can pack on for this look it's the mascara. Mascara is crucial for me since it really opens up the eyes and make them appear brighter. Mascara makes it all look more put together!

Red lipsticks or darker lipsticks in general can wash you out so blusher is essential. Although if you like that super pale, Snow White look you can skip this. I apply my blusher last--after my lips so I know how much I need. Choosing the shade can be a little tricky though, since not every blusher works with a red lip. I recommend choosing something more neutral than something too orange or too pink, although if you love blusher a tiny bit of a fuchsia blush can work too, it kind of mimics that colour you get on your cheeks during winter. For this time I used NARS Blasphemy which pairs perfectly with the lip. They are a match made in red lip heaven! I like Tarte Dazzled with red lips as well.
Much love, x


  1. I love red lips too :)
    Dan karena kerjaan sekarang jadi punya koleksi lipstik merah berbagai warna dari yang warnanya mirip-mirip sampai yang beda sekalipun hehehe.


    1. Kak titaz halooo! Iya ya kaakk padahal kalo orang lain liatnya sama aja kalo buat kita beda pokoknya hahaha


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