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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

YouTube has been one of my main sources of entertainment for the last... 4 years? I hardly watch TV anymore. I'm subscribed to probably 80+ channels, they are a mix of beauty channels, daily vloggers, food channels, comedy, gaming, and regular 'challenge' vloggers,. My preference always changes. Now I don't really watch 'challenge' vloggers, I'm still subscribed to them just in case and I'm more invested in better quality vlogs now. Here are my must subscribe channels on YouTube.

Casey Neistat is a New York based filmmaker. His way of telling stories and his outlook on life is so unique that everyone cannot help but admire him. Last year he started daily vlogging to document his life leading up to the launch of his company, Beme, but after Beme launched he decided to continue daily vlogging. A lot of YouTubers I know are heavily inspired / influenced by Casey. He is so creative. Her daughter Francine is so cute, and his wife is a total badass. Go watch Casey if you love high quality content, if you want to have a little taste of what it's like to live in New York, and I guarantee you'll never look back.

I have been watching Ben since he had less than 10,000 subscribers and I basically watch him grow, as a photographer and a filmmaker. Take a look at his instagram to see his amazing photography. He daily vlogs and beautifully captures his adventures. I love his personality. Ben has amazing friends as well, I always laugh whenever Steve Booker and SP are on screen. Watch his recent trip to Iceland, or look back at his trip to Canada, some breathtaking shots are in there!

Will Darbyshire has this calm, moody style of filmmaking that once you watch several of his videos, you will think that "that's so Will Darbyshire". He has this romantic touch to his videos that I really like. You can feel that the films he makes have meaning. I have to admit I don't watch every single one of his videos, but his New Zealand video is one of my favourite videos on YouTube ever. That shot of him sitting with Arden Rose looking at the mountains, ugh, heaven.

Tati makes quality content beauty videos 5 times a week (if I'm not mistaken). That's a lot of work! A lot of testing out products, more like constantly testing out products. I trust Tati's opinions, and that's not a quality every beauty guru has. She puts a lot of thought into each and every beauty product she's testing out. She's always honest and articulate in telling her opinions on beauty products. I love her Hot or Not and her new WTF series. If you are always looking for new beauty products on the market I recommend checking her out.

This is no surprise, of course I had to put Lisa here. Lisa Eldridge is a UK based makeup artist who's been in the industry for over 20 years. She just released a makeup history book titled Face Paint that I'm dying to get my hands on to. Lisa is so classy, and I love her approach to makeup. The looks she creates are always effortless and beautiful. She's one of my all time inspiration. She has great style and taste. Lisa's love for makeup is apparent through how much knowledge she has on history of makeup, her collection of vintage makeup, etc. I learn from her so much. Urgh I just love her so much. Her Marilyn Monroe tutorial is my number 1 favourite tutorial on YouTube, ever.

I bloody (no pun intended) love this channel. This channel is created by a vet named Dr Matt and then it expanded so there are now around 3 vets on the channel. These vets rescue animals and then treat them until they are healthy and ready to be adopted. They also show intraoperative footage which I love! But if you don't like surgery footage then proceed with caution, hehe. They also help these animals get a forever home after they are treated. They are the angels of YouTube and I am so happy to see how fast their channel is growing. They have a page where you can donate your money for them to treat the animals they rescue.

Other channels worth mentioning are Fun For Louis who travels every day of his life, Nikkie Tutorials and Desi Perkins who are both so beautiful and so talented at makeup, Estee Lalonde who has a beautiful dog named Reggie (I prefer her vlogging channel over her main channel), Charlotte Tilbury who's a true makeup maverick, and also one of my biggest makeup inspiration, Gigi Gorgeous whose Story Time I love so much, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and The Ellen Show aka my favourite talk shows. I watch a ton more YouTube channels but these are what I have on the top of my head at the moment.

What are your favourite channels on YouTube?

Much love, x

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