Beauty Blender: Is It Worth It?

Thursday, 31 March 2016

When Beauty Blender first came out, it took the beauty-verse by storm. It's been a few years since then, and its popularity has not died down. It's difficult to really create and innovate something that's totally different than everything else in the market nowadays, given that everything is available to us now. I think Beauty Blender is an amazing technology. Magical reusable beauty sponge? I don't think there's something like that before Beauty Blender. Numerous brands have created dupes, but to me, nothing comes close to the original one. So is Beauty Blender worth it?

I'm not going to lie, when it first came out, I was kind of skeptical because it seemed over-hyped, and it was too expensive for me for a beauty sponge. Months and months after that, I went to Singapore and decided to take the plunge, I bought the Beauty Blender duo because it was a bargain than buying a single one. I came home, tried it, liked it but it was not an instant love. I was in my foundation-brush-loving phase so I didn't use it as much. Fast forward to today, I think I have gone through 4 or 5 of these and for the past 2 years, I've almost exclusively just used Beauty Blender to apply my foundation and concealer.

Have I tried alternatives? Of course. I have tried the popular Real Techniques sponge and a few others from local drugstore that everyone says is just the same as the original Beauty Blender. They are different! It's a lot more expensive, yes, but it's also a lot better. Nothing I've tried is as bouncy, light, and soft as the original BB. Each beauty sponge I've tried gives different finishes and coverage, it takes on foundations differently, and Beauty Blender gives the most air brushed finish out of all of them. If I can find something cheaper with the same quality I'd say it, but so far I have not found anything that is a complete dupe for Beauty Blender, texture-wise and quality-wise. Plus, if you take care of it correctly it can last you a long time. Try to clean it after each use.

If you like natural, air brushed finish you will like Beauty Blender. However, it does thin out fuller coverage foundations. Make no mistake, you can still achieve maximum coverage with Beauty Blender, but it will look more natural and it will need a little building up. I always use it damp, because why would you use it dry? Another negative about this, is after a few months of regular use, it will get more difficult to get foundation stain out of the sponge. I have not tried the solid cleanser from the brand though, I always use baby shampoo to clean it. If you have microwave at home, I recommend putting the sponge, dampened, in a bowl filled with water into the microwave for 30 seconds before deep cleaning it to kill bacteria.

To sum up, YES, IT'S WORTH IT.

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If you found a mirror dupe for Beauty Blender, please let me know in the comments!
Much love, x

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