H&M Beauty Eyeshadow Swatches: Shiitake, Mojave, Candied Almond, Gingerbread

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

During my recent trip to Paris, I get to add my H&M makeup collection. I needed to restrain myself from buying all of the single eyeshadows, because all of them look amazing and from the reviews I've heard these have amazing quality. I got 4 neutral shades that complement each other, none of them too light or too dark, 4 must have shades in everyone's collection. These are H&M eyeshadows in Shiitake, Mojave, Candied Almond, and Gingerbread.

L-R: H&M Eyeshadows in Shiitake, Mojave, Candied Almond, Gingerbread

 Top row: Candied Almond & Mojave, Bottom row: Shiitake & Gingerbread

If you take a quick glance, these shades look similar with each other. I guess I have a type! But they are different and look different on the eyes. Each of them gives a different vibe to your makeup look. They also pair with each other very well, it's like my perfect everyday eyeshadow quad.

I'm not very good at describing eyeshadow colours but I'll try.

1. Shiitake: light satin shimmer beige bronze with a unique neutral warm undertone that looks cool under certain lighting

2. Mojave: light satin shimmer taupe with a hint of pink

3. Candied Almond: soft matte warm almond colour

4. Gingerbread: soft matte warmer brown with a red, terracota undertone

I describe the shimmery ones as satin shimmer because it's not as intense and the matte ones as soft matte because they don't look flat and stiff on the lids.

These perform very well as far as pigmentation and blendability. You can build up the pigmentation by patting more product, and all of them blend very well. I haven't found any problem with patchiness, they also feel silky and velvety. However, they are not as long lasting as I'd hoped. On top of my holy grail NARS Pro Prime Smudge Proof Eye Base I experienced fading with the shimmery ones after 5 hours of wear. It fades nicely and evenly though, I didn't find blotchiness or creasing. Keep in mind that my eyelids are super oily, but I rarely have this problem with other eyeshadows, and I always prime my eyelids.

Overall, I recommend these H&M eyeshadows and I would recommend using eye primer just in case. There are so many shades to choose from I'm sure you will find one or two you like! Not to mention they have a beautiful packaging and affordable price.

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