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Monday, 11 April 2016

Hi! How are you guys? Can you believe that it's April already? Although I'm super excited for May because something exciting is happening!
Let's go back to beauty chats... Today I will be talking about my favourite lip glosses for everyday. These colours and formula are wearable, very comfortable on the lips, and low maintenance. I love wearing lip glosses and more fresh looking lips in general because they create a lighter, healthier look than if I wear something that sucks the life out of my lips like a liquid lipstick. They are low maintenance in a sense that you don't have to be super precise with them and you don't have to worry about them getting everywhere when you are eating. You can reapply and it will look like the first time you apply them instead of crumbling or getting thick. I'm totally a lip gloss person, so you can trust me if I say something's good! :P

So here they are, my favourite products for everyday glossy lips!

Now let's break it down one by one!

1. Dior Rouge Brillant "458 Fine Fleur"

This shade is actually a Spring 2016 Limited Edition! I'm so sorry. If you are interested in how this particular shade looks you should probably hurry! I think this one is still available. This one is a very pretty milky pink that has a white base but it's not in any way bright or barbie-ish. It's very understated and natural looking. It's been my go to for the past few weeks. Even if you are not interested in this shade but in another shade that is in this line, I will tell you the formula is a winner. That's why I include this product although this particular one is limited edition. It's very plush (as how my friend Attika would say it, I completely agree with her), and also thin, which makes it very comfortable on the lips. The finish of this formula is I would say reflective, and because of the thin consistency it's very sophisticated and not over the top. The scent is not overpowering, the packaging is undoubtedly very luxurious.

Dior Rouge Brillant 458 Fine Fleur

2. Fleur De Force "Written In The Stars"

Fleur is a UK based beauty blogger and YouTuber, her style is very classy and she likes beautiful products. I decided to try out her product because I trust her taste and I was not disappointed. Her little makeup line is underrated in the blogging world, but if you love her and have been wanting to try it out I can say it's one of my favourite lip gloss formulas out there. It's more on the sticky side in a sense that it sticks to your lips to ensure longevity, because this one is a very pigmented lip gloss unlike other products I am including in this post. Written In The Stars is a brown peachy nude shade, but it's not dark 90s nude, very modern and wearable.

Fleur De Force lip gloss Written In The Stars

3. Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector "07 Toffee Pink" & "01 Rose Shimmer"

This product has a following that's because it's good! This product seems very basic but that's why everyone loves it. If you are going to buy a high end lip gloss you want to be sure that you'll wear it. I reach out for these a lot because they are nourishing. Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector is one of those products that you just throw in your purse, fuss free product. It's also not as shiny as the others, making it perfect for "no makeup" makeup look days when you just want your lips to look healthy. 07 Toffee Pink is very close to my natural lip colour, so it just helps even it out, while 01 Rose Shimmer is a very light, thin pink, that brightens up my overall look and lift it up.

Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector 01 Rose Shimmer
Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector 07 Toffee Pink

4. Dior Lip Maximizer

Again, I'm so sorry this is a limited edition product, but again, the formula is really nice and they come up with limited edition shades again every once in a while (Spring this year is Lilac, looks soooo lovely!!). The permanent one is a transparent, light pink shade. If I'm not mistaken, this product is the no 1 best seller for lip plumping products, which means that it's formulated to do something to your lips to make it fuller. I usually hate mint, but this is the only product that I like that smells and tastes minty, because I know it's doing something to my lips, and the finish is so beautiful. It is very high shine, water-like reflective finish, but the formula is not watery at all. It coats your lips very evenly to ensure an even reflection that's very sophisticated and a bit editorial, but still very wearable and fresh. This product was my ride or die last year.

Dior Lip Maximizer 007
Much love! x

PS: If you want to know what I'm wearing on the rest of my face, check out this Instagram...

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