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Friday, 22 April 2016

I have only tried one cushion product before and I did not have a good experience with it. Funnily enough, it was from this brand. Everyone says that it's the best one out there and it was actually one of the first ones that started this cushion craze, but it did not work out for me! However, thinking back, the reason why it did not work out was perhaps partly because the condition of my skin was way worse than it is now...

Long story short, recently I got a shopping voucher from Althea, and I picked up this product to try out, just for the lols. I was genuinely intrigued, because at the time being, my skin would benefit from any kind of hydrating product, but I went in blind and expected nothing from the product at all.

This is my first impression on the IOPE Air Cushion Blusher in #01 Rose Pink. This shade is a light warm pink.

The packaging is just how I like it with my Korean makeup: simple. I don't gravitate towards cute Korean brands. I like the simplicity and maturity of the IOPE brand. It feels like a brand that does not target teenagers, and I like that! The size of the cushion and air puff is smaller than a normal bb cushion, but pretty much everything else is the same.

Here is me applying the product onto my cheeks...

1. Patting in the blusher for the first time... as you can see, the air puff is smaller than normal bb cushion ones

2. I did a lot of building up... because it's so subtle and the color is so light

3. Because I have applied powder under my eyes (but not on my cheeks, I wouldn't suggest that) I blended the edges using the Real Techniques sponge

4. I'm loving the finish! It's almost glossy and reflective on the skin with zero shimmers (the camera picks up less of the sheen and pigmentation than what it looks like in real life)

Let's get down to business and break down the pros and cons.

+ It's not heavily scented or sickly sweet. It has a fresh scent
+ I love the cooling sensation it gives to the skin
+ The almost glossy sheen that gives the illusion of a well hydrated skin
+ Very skin-like and natural
+ I love the experience of applying this onto my face!

- Both shades they have won't suit medium to deep skin tones
- Pigmentation is minimum
- It takes a long time to set

I can't say anything about the longevity but for the solid 3 hours I wore the product it stayed on nicely!

That's all I have to say about this product for now... If you want a more pigmented cushion blush with a variety of shades I recommend you to check out Lancome Air Cushion blushes!

Much love,

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