MAC x Charlotte Olympia: Leading Lady Red & Retro Rouge

Thursday, 28 April 2016

The sneak peek for this collection came out last year, and since then I have been patiently waiting for the collection to come out Spring this year and fetch a couple of lipsticks. If you didn't know, Charlotte Olympia is a designer and she's most well known for her incredible luxury shoes. Charlotte always dresses up like she came through a time machine from the old Hollywood era, with red lips and all, so the MAC collection visuals and design is pretty much the modern take on the old Hollywood era, I LOVE that!!

I thought this collection would be a big hit but I don't see it selling out anytime soon, that's why I decided to write about these beautiful pieces despite them being more of a collector item than makeup products you need. I also want to take this opportunity to appreciate the collection since I've seen a lot of negative feedback that it does not deserve! Haha. Now onto the lipsticks...

Packaging: The packaging on these lipsticks gets so many negative feedback. People say that they look cheap and because of the acrylic they feel cheap as well. I'm one of the few people who disagree. When I saw the sneak peek my eyes went straight to the lipsticks because I love that negative space between the tube and the cap, it also looks very art deco and retro which I like. The lipsticks are also one of the only things in the collection that I would actually wear. Because of the acrylic, yes, it does not feel heavy and expensive as other high end makeup I have, but these are also more of a collector's items so one of its purposes is to sit on your vanity for a display and I think they are very pretty for that purpose. Some say that it feels fragile when you open and close the cap but it's not like that to me at all, it feels sturdy and definitely unlike cheap plastic on $2 lipsticks! I am so sad when I read people slam these products haha. It's also adorned with Charlotte's web logo on the tube which is a nice touch. It just comes down to different taste I guess. If you truly like the look of these but you're on the fence about getting it because of what people are saying, I think you will still like it when you hold it in your hand!

SADLY, when Leading Lady Red arrived to my doorstep I twisted it up.... to see that one side was melted and the lipstick stood to side of the tube instead of in the perfect center. You can kind of see it in the pictures above! I think it's an issue with shipping because it was shipped from the US :( and the reseller I got it from wouldn't give any solutions at all. If you're in Indonesia, make sure with the reseller that it's perfect when it arrives to the country!

Formulation: They are both MAC Matte formula, which is a little thick, creamy, semi matte formula. I find them to be comfortable on the lips and they don't accentuate dry patches. They apply easily without dragging the lips. Both are very opaque so if you have pigmented lips these will completely cover them.

1. MAC x Charlotte Olympia Leading Lady Red

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Leading Lady Red
It's described as a deep red, but it's more of a true red on me. Beautiful red but you can easily find dupes if you're not into the collection.

2. MAC x Charlotte Olympia Retro Rouge

MAC x Charlotte Olympia Retro Rouge
Deep red with brown undertone. Quite unique if I may say so myself!

To sum up, I recommend getting these if you are a red lipstick addict or if you love Charlotte Olympia, or if you're in love with the design. The colours are so wearable. I can't categorise these as must-haves though.

Much love, x

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