Lancome Juicy Shaker in Meli Melon: My New Handbag Staple

Tuesday, 14 June 2016 Jakarta, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

The build up for these cute little lippies was high. Everyone and their mother talked and posted about them. I have to admit the concept is what drew me into it at first, but rest assured that this cocktail shaker-inspired lip product is not just cute, but the product itself is actually lovely, and just everything that I expected from it.

Mind you, this product is not in any way a full on lipstick, or a super pigmented lip gloss. If you go in and expect one of the above then you are going to be disappointed. It is a nourishing tinted lip oil. This is Lancome Juicy Shaker.

This product is bi-phase with the nourishing, non sticky oil in the first phase and the pigment in the second phase. The idea is you shake it like you would to a cocktail--hence the name, Juicy Shaker, and then just apply it onto your lip like you would with a lip tint. You will not get a ton of pigment, but you get something. It's not just transparent trust me.

If you know me, you would know that I love my tinted lip balms, light lip glosses, sheer, light pink lipsticks for everyday. I like low maintenance lip products that does not suck the life out of my lips for a day to day basis, so the Juicy Shaker is just right up my alley.

The shade I got is Meli Melon, described as pink lemon. I am so happy with this shade that now I'm looking at the entire collection again online it is actually my favourite shade from the collection. I picked this up at the Qatar airport during a layover, I only relied on quick swatches on my arm and this one stood out to me the most out of the shades that were available there.

Like the name, this shade also smells like actual melons. Each shade has a different, fruity scent. The one I have is not sickly or too sweet in any way. It smells delicious!

At first I was skeptical with the oil formula, because the other lip oil I have tried felt heavy on my lips and I ended up not reaching out for it ever, but this one feels super lightweight on the lips. It feels nourishing and it has just the right amount of sheen.

As far as the lasting power, this won't last you all day. Because of the fun application, I really don't mind at all, and I do think that that is the point of the product. It is packaged the way it is to make it fun for girls and boys to apply their lip products, and it works! I love reapplying this to experience the application over and over again. The experience does add value to the product!

I really hope this will be available in Indonesia soon! I really want to get the light blue one that's supposed to make your teeth look whiter.

Are you interested in the Lancome Juicy Shaker? Which one is your favourite shade?

Much love,

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