My Real Techniques Collection and Favorites

Saturday, 4 June 2016

It's no secret that I love Real Techniques! They are an affordable makeup tools brand from the UK, made by the incredible Pixiwoo sisters, Samantha and Nic Chapman. I have been using these brushes since I first got into makeup, and I have not stopped loving them! I kept expanding my collection and although I'm still missing a few stuff but I think my Real Techniques brushes collection is pretty broad already.

It's a convenient as well that they are available online for Indonesians at Sociolla! A few clicks away and these brushes will be at your door. You can also still use my discount code ADANI50 to get IDR50k off for IDR200k minimum purchase (this code will be up for a limited time only, get your chance now! Tell your friends and their dogs too hee hee).

I will tell you some of my favourites below.

1. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

This sponge is the only one that made it big after Beauty Blender, and it's for good reason. Although I still think Beauty Blender is the better one, this one does the same job with like half of the price! Also if you take care of it you can have it for a long time. You get a streak-free, beautifully blended look with this sponge and it also leaves your skin looking more hydrated. It does not absorb all the foundation like disposable sponges do, and it's gentle on the skin. It's just soft.

PRICE: Rp159.900 on Sociolla

2. Real Techniques Setting Brush

The one I have is the older version, the new one has a bright fuchsia pink handle and the shape is a little bit different, but I'm sure it's just as lovely. This one is my favourite to bring with me in my makeup bag, because it's effective and doesn't take much space. I use it mainly to set powder under my eyes and around my nose, also on my chin and the center of my forehead, basically in places that I feel I need to press the powder more onto my skin. It makes powder look smooth. I have no complaints!

PRICE: Sculpting 3pc Set Collector's Edition Rp489.900 on Sociolla

3. Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush

This one is a part of the 5pc starter set, and out of everything in the set I use this one the most. I don't have an extensive eye brushes collection because this does pretty much everything for me as I don't often go for a complicated eye makeup look (and I don't know why but I always reach out for this anyway). You can use it to apply eyeshadow as a wash of colour all over the lid, to blend eyeshadows, to give definition in the crease area, and if you like softer shadow on the lower lashes area you can use it for that too. It's a one stop shop basically. I can use just this one brush for my everyday 2 to 3 eyeshadow colour makeup look. It's not super fluffy but it's in no way dense. It does not hurt your eyeball as the bristles are soft.

PRICE: Starter Set 5pc Rp399.900 on Sociolla

4. Real Techniques Blush Brush

This is the first brush I got from Real Techniques and what made me fall in love with them! It is super soft and blends out products beautifully. No patchy blush when I use this brush. It's a multi tasking brush as well. I use it for powder, blush, and bronzer. It's quite big but I have a big round face, so no problem at all!

PRICE: Rp199.900 on Sociolla

5. Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection

I love all 3 brushes in this collection. It depends on what kind of look you like, but with these duo fibre brushes it's impossible to put too much product. It's for you who likes super natural, mostly sheer look. The only brush that packs more of the pigment is the duo fiber contour brush, which I use for applying blusher. The duo fiber eye brush is to apply a super soft shadow in the crease, the duo fiber face brush I use for bronzer, I love it so much because I never have to be afraid of applying too much.

PRICE: Rp459.900 on Sociolla

Overall, these are what I like about Real Techniques brushes:

Super soft, synthetic bristles
They have everything from face to eye brushes
Fun design
Easily available in the country
Last a long time
Easy to clean

If you decide to purchase one of these babies, don't forget to use my discount code on Sociolla ADANI50 for a Rp50.000 off! 

Much love,

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