The Start of Our Barcelona Adventure

Friday, 24 June 2016

Hi guys! How are you? I hope you are having a great day. I have two new videos on my channel and I just thought I'd tell you the backstory a little bit.

So during my trip to Barcelona I was really good at picking up the camera and documenting our trip, which I have tried numerous times before, on our Japan and Hong Kong trip for example, but I ended up just not picking up the camera. I knew I had some okay shots so I decided to put them up together (with iMovie, I know, everything else is still so complicated to me), and I have uploaded two of them so far!

I mainly do this for me because I want to have something to look back to, instead of just scattered 20 seconds videos. I know this is not high quality and I need to improve, but they're fun to make and I enjoy it!

One thing to note though.

In these videos I shot the most unflattering angles of my face ever. Now that my double chin and awful hair are up for the world to see, I feel like I'm liberated from pursuing the image of perfection, which if you follow me on Snapchat it's not the image I'm trying to portray anyway (I'm a mess on Snapchat, follow for the fun: adanink1) I just want to document my story and that's what I did. I laughed and smiled and goofed around so that's what you are going to see in these videos. I don't wear bombass outfits in real life so I'm not going to be in these videos. You know what I mean? If you expect chiseled face, tall slim body, then don't bother watching, because I fit to none of those categories :p

However, if you want to watch them still, I'm happy you choose to. Welcome to my life!

Much love,

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  1. Dannn selama w nonton, gak pernah tuh kepikiran double chin/ada yg salah sama rambut lo dan w yakin pasti yg mikir kek gt cuma lo doang deh. Malah menurut w rambut lo bagus!!


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