3 Beauty YouTubers to Watch

Monday, 22 August 2016

It's no secret that I watch YouTube regularly, it's even safe to say that it's my main source of entertainment for the last 3-4 years. These are 3 of beauty YouTubers that I always watch, a couple of them have less subscribers and are relatively new discoveries, and one of them gets more amazing with each video (great personality as well) that she deserves a proper shoutout, eventhough I think I have mentioned her in my previous YouTubers post.

1. Karima McKimmie

This Oz beauty has a similar style to Lisa Eldridge in a way that her makeup looks look effortless and elegant. Her makeup looks are skin focused and if you love simple, lashy looks you will love her. She loves her elongated eyes as well. She's bubbly and calm at the same time, not to mention charming. She's quite different and she stands out to me in a sea of cakey, mask-like makeup looks we regularly see on YouTube and Instagram (if you like that kind of makeup, more power to you! There's nothing wrong with that). How she does makeup is so tasteful and although I like fuller coverage foundations and I don't rock winged liner created with an eyeshadow or an eye pencil on a regular basis, her simple makeup looks reminds me of how I do mine.

2. Sharon Farrell

Sharon and Karima are BFF, and they are BFF goals. Sharon does makeup differently than Karima, she has more of an experimental and creative approach. She also uses higher coverage foundations which I find helpful for me. I love her "3 Looks 1 Palette" videos, they really show her artistry and I love it. She has more oily skin whereas Karima has normal to dry skin, so you get the best out of both worlds with these two. Sharon likes more of a makeup-y look and she wears more makeup than Karima but you never see her and think she's wearing too much makeup. Just watch her and you will see what I mean. I love the looks she creates and they all look so flattering on her. 

3. Desi Perkins

This woman needs no introduction. I love her so. much. I have been watching her for a year now and Desi has the best personality ever. We all know how talented and beautiful she is, but she always cracks me up. I love how she portrays herself on all of her social media. Her beauty videos and vlogs are top notch (editing, looks, everything), her Instagram pictures slay all the time, and her Snaps are the best! She's so hilarious and she has a beautiful, happy life with Steven and their puppies. She's genuine, truthful and positive, I love her beyond her beauty videos <3

Much love,


  1. agree with you! I've been watching Sharima for almost 2 years! I love how Karima did her makeup, and I watch Sharon Skincare regime (and products she used) because #teamhuile is here! Desi Perkins is the most flawless of beauty guru in USA afterall. no drama. no scheme. just makeup. and fun!

    1. I agree with you Desi is always positive and always just having fun! I love watching Katy's vlogs now as well. So excited for the new Sharima project eventhough I probably won't buy it :'D Just happy for their success


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