Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips: Liv It Up, Kidman's Kiss, Secret Salma, Electric Poppy

Monday, 15 August 2016

Charlotte Tilbury is undoubtedly one of the most coveted brands in the beauty industry at the moment. I have tried a variety of her products, and some of them are more amazing than the others. Some of her products that I swear by are her lipsticks. Both of her formulas are equally high quality, luxurious, and amazing on the lips.

I have waited for the longest time for this line to launch because the whole "lipsticks that are inspired by celebrities" concept is very good marketing and they look amazing. They released teasers for this line for months and months and they created a major hype surrounding these lipsticks. When these came out, I couldn't help but snatch 4 of them that I thought would suit me the best, especially having experienced Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks beforehand. (Note: I don't have a Charlotte Tilbury counter where I live, so I relied on online swatches when picking out shades)

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips box. Left: matte; Right: cream

First of all, the packaging is what made us fall in love with the brand in the first place. It's the same luxurious, art deco inspired, rose gold weighty tube with CT logo on the top of the cap. The difference is, both finishes in this line has the same square bullet shape, reminiscent of her Matte Revolution line. What makes them different from her existing line is the lip embossing on the bullet. If you have trouble finding the shade name on the box, it's located on the side just above the barcode (I know, quite an odd placement).

I got Liv It Up (cream), Kidman's Kiss (matte), Secret Salma (matte), Electric Poppy (matte) and I definitely have a favourite out of 4 of them.

My previous experience with Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks:

The K.I.S.S.I.N.G (cream) lipsticks are probably my favourite lipsticks of all time, mainly because the cream finish is different from many other lipsticks I have. There's something about those lipsticks that make my lips look luscious and naturally plumped, although they don't have plumping properties. The way they reflect light is so sophisticated. They are so comfortable on the lips and reapply nicely. Of course, I expected the same out of the cream lipsticks in the Hot Lips collection.

The Matte Revolution lipsticks are what I would call "modern matte" lipsticks, because they glide on the lips very easily as opposed to traditional matte lipsticks (think MAC) that are heavier and can drag on your lips a little bit. The finish is also not fully flat matte, they still reflect light a little bit, and they don't look stark on the lips. If you see my Paris pictures, I was wearing the shade Walk of Shame in a lot of them. They need to be layered if you want them to be fully opaque, one layer would give you medium level pigment. They are so comfortable on the lips and easy to apply.

Now, are the Hot Lips different than the regular CT lipsticks? I sure hope they aren't, because they should be basically the same, right?

My experience with Hot Lips lipsticks:

On the tube, they look like they would suit me. I was relieved. The lighter ones look a little muted and not true pink or true peach, which I know I wouldn't have been able to pull off, because my lips are quite rosy and mauve-y, so I'm quite particular with my pinky, peachy, and nude lipsticks, as a lot of them don't look right for me. The only one I was worried about was Electric Poppy, which was a lot brighter and more neon than every swatches I saw online. I thought it would be more fuchsia, but it's warmer and more shocking on the tube. After trying them out on my lips, my thought about them is different now. Let's see....

1. Liv it Up (cream)

This shade is a light pink. You can see how beautiful it is on the arm swatches, however it does not suit me when I put it on my lips. This shade looks lighter on the lips than how it looks on the tube. Quite disappointed with the formula. It catches on flaky bits on my lips and not flattering at all. It's also difficult to achieve an even layer. The texture is not the same as my regular K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick as I feel like this is more slippery. This is not the CT I know :( If you read the writings on the box I included above, they say put a lip liner under this lipstick, but if you pay that amount of money you'd expect it to be perfect without liner. I have tried this with a lip liner and it works wonderfully, though.

2. Kidman's Kiss (matte)

This shade looks so lovely on so many people. It's a light peach. On the tube it looks more nude-y but on the arm it looks true peach. I have the same experience with this one as I do with Liv It Up. It translates lighter on my lips, doesn't really flatter me. I need to work it in to achieve an even layer. It emphasizes dry patches as well.

3. Secret Salma (matte)

Safe to say this one is the only one I like out of all four (sadly). It's such an elegant, sophisticated colour. The formula is the same as my Walk of Shame, it feels weightless on the lips, it glides smoothly over the dry bits, comfortable and opaque. It's the only one that does not need lip liner.

4. Electric Poppy (matte)

I definitely wasn't expecting it to be so bright and neon, I thought it would be more sophisticated and more muted, but no. This colour is definitely out there. It does not look the same on me as it looks on Poppy Delevingne or any of the swatches. I just don't have the confidence to pull this off! It also has a creamier finish compared to the other mattes.

If you are going to get one, I recommend Secret Salma!

Have you tried the Hot Lips collection? Which one is your favourite?

Much love,


  1. ah i really love liv it up and kid man's kiss colour! :( so sad, i have to think another colour to buy huhu

    1. Kayanya org lain suka suka aja deh Rin tapi.. kalau punya matching lip liner beli ajaaa hehe.


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