Rollover Reaction SUEDED: Livv, Moss, Umma (Swatches)

Monday, 17 October 2016

Another local brand purchase! To give you an introduction, Rollover Reaction is an Indonesian brand that's just launched this year. Their first product is their dual function lip and cheek cream, I have even seen people wear these on their eyes (I'm not sure if it's safe though), and so far they have 9 shades. These unique shades are their latest creation and they immediately caught my attention as they started promoting them. This was my first purchase from Rollover Reaction and honestly despite how popular they are I really don't know much about them in terms of quality, I just know that a lot of people love them, and that they have matte finish (because most Indonesian girls enjoy matte lip). So when I tried these on, I just fully realized that these are not traditional liquid lipsticks, they're basically multi functioning cream. This collection is called "The Clique", inspired by the 90s statement lip from three 90s icons; Liv Tyler, Kate Moss, and Uma Thurman. They have taken the grunge theme this time, and they have done it incredibly well.

Packaging: I like lip products that are boxy. This one has a frosted finish and it's plastic so it's lightweight. I wouldn't say it's special but it looks good. It has a doe foot applicator and the tip is cut at an angle, I like this better than the straighter ones BLP have. The doe foot tip on my Umma is cut at a funny angle which makes it a bit awkward to apply the product, but sometimes this happens to other brands as well. The product does not get messy, it does not get everywhere in the cap and on the tube, which I appreciate. 

Scent: It has a sweet, generic lipstick scent. I think it's vanilla? It's not too artificial and it's not sickly, don't worry!

Shades: I have to give it to Rollover Reaction team for creating such beautiful, unique shades. They are surprisingly wearable and I am SO pleased with them. They all have just the right undertone, especially for my skintone. I don't know how the team did it but seriously spot on. I don't have anything like Livv and Moss in my collection.

Texture: They are thick, moussey creams. The texture accommodates its function as a cream blush, it also feels lightweight and comfortable on the lips. They feel a little slippery and velvety like silicone-y almost. They are not sticky and goes over dry patches nicely. They also don't sink into the crevices of my lips. Moss and Umma apply a little bit unevenly.

Pigmentation: These are fairly pigmented, but they don't have the pigmentation level of, let's say, Kat Von D. These don't cover my lips completely, it's not super opaque so my natural lip colour can still peek through. The pigmentation is buildable, but because it can slip I wouldn't build too much, as it can get everywhere.

Formula: This formula does not dry down. They CAN get on your chin if you eat a burger. I was so excited to bring them to my next winter vacay, but after experiencing the formula I knew that they will get on my scarf and on my face. They do not set like Anastasia Beverly Hills. They also feel comfortable and they are not drying. I actually really enjoy the formula except I wished it dries down. The formula and texture is better suited for those who like a more effortless, imperfect lip look. If you want a strong, defined lip, go for something like Kat Von D. When I wear this I tend to create more of an ombre, blurred look, which goes with the whole grunge theme. Seeing as these shades are darker and more bold though, the formula makes it more high maintenance as you would feel like you need to check the mirror more often to see if it still look okay. So, I think this formula is better for safer nude shades. I have not tried these on my cheek yet, so sorry! Will update.

Longevity: They actually stay on the lips better than I expected. After a heavy lunch, apart from some transfer on my chin it still looked okay, it faded a little but I only reapplied on the center of my bottom lip. They are easy to remove with no staining.

Time for swatches!


Livv is a rusty terracotta with brown undertone


Moss is a medium toned chocolate brown. Probably my favourite shade because this one surprised me the most.


Umma is a deep red with a tad brown and a bit berry undertone. This one is easily dupable if you like the shade but not interested in the formula.

(I love making gif swatches!)

So this is everything I can say about Rollover Reaction SUEDED for now. If you have any question just reach me on Instagram!

Much love,

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