The Foundation I Keep Going Back To: Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation

Monday, 14 November 2016

This foundation isn't exactly new new, but I haven't stopped enjoying it since it came out. I used to enjoy its predecessor, the HD foundation, so pretty much I knew I was going to like this one as well. It's just a reliable, all-around foundation that would suit many skin types and it helps that they have a ton of colour selection with various undertones as well. So if you have been on the fence about getting a bottle, I'm here to tell you that if following properties are what you are looking for, then you will not be disappointed. For reference, I have combination skin.

Packaging: Not that much different from the original HD, except now it has silver rim that separates the cap from the bottle. The pump works just as good as the HD, it pumps out just the right amount of foundation. It's sturdy and lightweight as it is plastic so it's great for traveling. The design on the pump also allows you to dispense just a tiny bit of product so you can target specific areas without wasting a full pump.

My Shade: I used to wear shade N120 on the original HD, but for this one I chose Y255. It has a richer yellow undertone and gives more colour and warmth to my face. My undereye concealer pops out more with this shade giving my face a more dimensional, alive look. So if your skintone is similar like mine, try swatching Y255. Sometimes this shade gets a little too warm for me, but most of the time it matches just fine.

Texture: It is on the thinner side, not creamy or thick at all. This texture allows you to spread the foundation easily, and you can customize the coverage by using less when you want less coverage and the other way around because of that. 1,5 pump would be enough for my entire face, but on days that I want more coverage I apply more pumps.

Coverage: It has a liiiiittle bit more coverage than the HD foundation, which I prefer because sometimes I felt the HD coverage is too light. This foundation is great at evening out my skintone but my hyperpigmentation definitely peeks through. It also builds better than the HD. Good job on this! Overall I'd say it has light to full medium coverage depends how much you use.

Finish: The finish is natural and skinlike, not glowy and not matte, just how healthy, radiant skin would look. It looks flattering on camera and under most lighting (direct sunlight is always a little tricky). It never looks cakey on me which is why I wear this for any occasion.

Formula: Although it has a "naturally perfecting" property, it also feels lightweight at the same time. I find it enjoyable to wear and when I wear it all day my skin does not feel like it's suffocating. It does not cause breakouts and not drying as well. It melts into the skin. I always apply this with a Beauty Blender and I always find it to be smooth and kind to my massive pores. My oilier parts will get oily after a few hours, that's just a problem I have with any foundation, but I find this one to not be the best at oil control. My Shu Uemura Face Architect is better at it than this but I don't mind because I have no problem with blotting if I ever need to, plus the finish this foundation has is beautiful on my skin. I myself always use primer and set it with powder no matter what. It also does not look terrible on my dry patches, but sometimes when my skin is drier it has the tendency to break on the dry areas and accentuate them. If you have flaky skin, proceed with caution. It should look okay when applied with care, but not perfect. Overall I think this foundation is suited for dry to combination skin types, not very oily or very dry skin. 

Lasting Power: It usually fades on my nose, which is a problem I always have no matter what I use and it's just the bane of my existence. On long days it also fades a little on my chin caused by eating and drinking throughout the day. It does not bother me too much that my makeup looks lived in so I don't usually fuss with perfecting it again. I hardly ever touch up and at the end of the day my skin still look acceptable. On days when my skin is more oily I find it to separate more on my oilier areas. But on average, it holds up okay. Keep in mind I live in a very hot and humid country so I expect my foundation to not look like they're freshly applied at the end of the day.



Did I miss anything? I hope not. If you have any questions send me a private message on my Instagram. I always answer. See you there!

Much love,


  1. I am wondering how you do your eyelashes. It that real or eyelash extension? Soooo pwetty!

    1. It's sadly extension. My real lashes never look this good! Haha


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