Female Daily X NIVEA Beauty Workshop with Bubah Alfian

Friday, 2 December 2016

2 weeks ago I was invited to a Female Daily x NIVEA event with local celebrity make up artist Bubah Alfian. The theme was how to create a bronzey make up look. I have never seen Bubah do make up and hear his stories in person, and he had some interesting things to share...

 Bubah was so down to earth and patient with questions. There were about 20 girls in the room, all there to see him do his magic and ask for his tips. He took his time to explain what he was doing step by step and made sure everyone understood.

He was there not only to share his knowledge but also in cooperation with NIVEA, and he told us that celebrities, even those with sensitive skin all love NIVEA Make Up Clear Cleansing Water, which is basically NIVEA's version of Micellar Water. I think we are all familiar with NIVEA, there's no need to introduce the brand. But to tell you the truth, my knowledge of their products is limited, my Mom and Granddad are loyal users of their lipbalm and their good ol' legendary creme, and that was the extent of my knowledge really. Through this event I got to know more about the range of products they have. We all got to try out the Micellar Water and several other products from NIVEA.

After playing around with the goodies, we also got to take them home with us, along with some other products! I'm sure you have heard or seen some of these floating around the blogosphere, but here they are...

Mind you, I never tried any of these products before and now I got all of these to try out! One thing I like about NIVEA is how travel friendly the packaging is. Everything is lightweight and compact. Not to mention how affordable they are.

The first one is the NIVEA Original Lip Butter. They have a bunch of scents but I got the original one. It smells sweet and reminds me of a good glass of milk. And then NIVEA Vitamin Shake tinted lip balm with Cranberry and Raspberry scent. NIVEA Make Up Starter with SPF 15 which is a moisturizer containing sun protection which Bubah also said work great under make up. Other than that I got NIVEA Body Serum Night Whitening body lotion, NIVEA Oil Control Make Up Clear 2 in 1 Mud and NIVEA White Make Up Clear Foam which are both facial wash.

To read reviews from people who have had experience with these products, with various different skin types and needs, you can check out Female Daily!

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