3 Helpful Tools for Every Makeup Lover

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

During my years of having a love affair with makeup, I found that 3 accessories have complement my beauty routine. I have gotten a lot of use out of these products, and I will continue using them. Each of these products serves a purpose and each does a great job at it. You may have heard about all 3 of these products, and I'm here to tell you that personally I think they are worth the money.

It's no secret that I have loved Beauty Blender for years. I cannot live without this sponge. I have yet to find something better to apply foundation, concealer, and powder with. I have tried beauty sponges from other brands, but I always end up reaching out for the Beauty Blender. My foundation never goes on streaky, unlike when I use a brush. My foundation just smooths over my huge pores when I use Beauty Blender. Most of the time when I use a foundation/buffing brush, it accentuates my skin texture. My nose is a problem area, and I rely on Beauty Blender to make things look good on there. It suits most foundation, the only one in my collection that does not look good applied with Beauty Blender is my Dior Airflash foundation. I apply the others using the Beauty Blender. It's an amazing technology that other brands have not successfully replicate or elevate. I clean them using a bar soap, and I put them inside a bowl of water and microwave them when I get the chance (we don't have a microwave at the moment in our apartment). I also soak them in boiling water sometimes. One tip I can give you is always remember to clean them as often as you can, after each use is best. This way you avoid the growth of bacteria, and also prolongs the life of the sponge. The pink, red, and purple one have a lot of dye in them, so my favourite is the black one. This sponge just makes applying makeup a lot easier and enjoyable.

The second one is Makeup Eraser. I know a bunch of brands have now been selling the exact same product just under different names, but the one I have in my possession is the original Makeup Eraser. I bought this on a whim when I was in Barcelona, thinking that it would reduce a lot of waste as I use a lot of cotton pads and micellar water to remove my makeup. It does work! I wash it every 4 times I use it. I use each side 2 times before washing. Each side has a different material and texture, and I use both as both sides work really well. I tried to find information about the different texture but couldn't find any. It's quick, fuss free, no waste. Wet the towel with warm water, wipe the makeup off of your face, and that's it! The only thing it's not good at is removing waterproof mascara. I don't want to vigorously rub my eyes, so I still use an oil based makeup remover to remove some eye makeup. It's been holding up nicely and I have used it a lot. It's great for short trips as it's lightweight and you don't need anything else (except if you use waterproof mascara).

Last but not least we have the Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove. It's a latex free, rubbery glove. Before this contraption, I clean my brushes using my hands and it wasn't fun. I have a lot of makeup brushes guys, so my hand got wrinkly and dry very very quickly. I always use this glove to aid clean my brushes since I got it. This cleaning glove is reversible, one side is for face brushes, the other side is for eye brushes. There are various textures intended for different purposes, but to be honest I don't use all of them and I don't need to. I try to be good and clean them once a week but in reality it takes me longer than that between each wash. Yes guys, you need to clean your makeup brushes because they host bacteria! I know it's time for another wash when my skin starts to break out of nowhere. This device is practically indestructible. It's durable and you get a lot of use out of it which makes it a great investment for makeup lovers with more than 20 brushes. I'm not saying you have to get this exact same model from the same brand, a lot of brands have made their version. I'm saying this type of thing does work and it has helped me a lot.

What's your favourite beauty accessory you think everyone needs?

Much love,

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