Jouer Long Wear Lip Creme Liquid Lipstick: Melon, Terra, Noisette (Best of Nudes Set)

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Hi fellow makeup addict! I'm well aware this set is no longer available, but all of the shades in this set are permanent! You can always just buy them individually. I have previously reviewed this, and it is still one of my favourite liquid lipsticks formula. This line just ticks all the boxes for me. If you want to read about my full review and swatches of Dulce De Leche, Cassis, and Fraise Bonbon you can read here.

This set was a huge hit last holiday season (obviously) and it quickly sold out because Jouer lip cremes are awesome and it's a well curated set. There is something for everyone. I waited months for this to arrive as they don't sell it in my country, that's why I'm writing this now.

First of all, this set is really good value for money. Full size Jouer Lip Creme has 6 ml, and this set contains 4 ml EACH (Kylie Jenner liquid lipstick only contains 3.5 ml of product for reference), so in total we get 32 ml of product. This set is $36, whereas the full size lip creme is $18. OMG! Even if you don't like all the shades it's still a good deal. This is why I always hunt holiday collection products like a hawk.

This set contains 6 lip cremes, 1 metallic lip creme, and 1 lip topper (aka a glittery lip gloss). The quality is consistent among the lip cremes, with the exception of Buff being thinner, and more difficult to work with. I can't seem to fill in my lips evenly with Buff. I have no problem with other shades, just Buff. Other shades are enjoyable to apply, lightweight on the lips, they do not crack or crumble when they fade. I can't feel them on my lips once they're dried. They glide over dry patches and cover them evenly. It's one of my favourite formulas and I have little complain, I just wished that Buff had the same quality as the others.

The metallic lip creme Papaye feels thinner than the regular lip cremes. It does not feel gritty on the lips. However, I just can't pull it off. I think metallic lip products are good for those with plump lips, think Kylie Jenner. Beauty instagrammers who have swatched metallic liquid lip all have similar lip shape. My lips are thin and uneven, they have lines and crevices, so metallic lip does not look flattering on me. However, anyone can pull it off if they have the confidence! It's still a comfortable formula.

The lip topper I still need to play around with it a little bit more, since I have not found a way to make it work yet. Given how popular it is, I'll give it more try.

Arm swatches Jouer Best of Nudes Set

I find Papaye and Buff to be unwearable on me. Papaye for reasons I have written above and Buff because it's just far too light for my skintone. I can probably wear Buff to lighten other lipsticks, even for that purpose I don't think it's going to work out. Creme Brulee also does not suit me very well, it's just not my shade. Still wearable, but it's not a shade I would go for. The rest of the lip cremes though, I love! I'll share with you the ones I like...

 Jouer Lip Creme MELON

Melon is a warm pink nude. I don't usually wear this type of shade (yes, I don't wear peachy shades) but I quite like this one! Do you think it looks good on me? Under certain lighting it can look bright.

Jouer Lip Creme TERRA

They describe Terra as matte neutral deep ochre. I don't know if ochre is the right word to describe this shade but what I know is how neutral and flattering it is. It's a mid toned nude that does not wash me out. My favourite in the set. It hits all the right spot for me!

Jouer Lip Creme NOISETTE

All I can say is WOW! What a beautiful shade! I didn't expect to like this matte warm chocolate brown on me. I thought it would be too dark but no, still very wearable if you want to wear it everyday.

Much love,

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